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    Sorry for my eng, im Russian :p

    Plugin category: Professions

    Suggested name: Professions ?

    A bit about me: I'm an admin. Russian Minecraft roleplay server, yea

    What I want: I need a profs. plugin, but not like all. For expample, when i have no prof, i cant destroy anything. But i can choose: Farmer (plant seeds, etc(will be great, if only farmer can kill pigs, cows and chickens)), Miner (can destroy ores blocks) and forester (wood + mushrooms). All profs can destroy some basic blocks (wood, coal, stone, ice, glass, dirt, grass, etc). ops can destroy anything without profs selection
    Ideas for commands: /profs choose xxx. that's all i think
    Ideas for permissions: profs.choose profs.admin (can destroy anything)

    Willing to pay up to: 10$ if u'll complete it before Wednesday, or before Friday, if u complete this plugin + my another request

    When I'd like it by: Up!

    Similar plugin requests: None.

    Devs who might be interested in this: dunno?

    will be great if i can creat profs what i want. for example i open config file with form like
    prof name:
    which blocks can destroy:
    which mobs can kill:
    and i need UTF-8 support!


    up! I RLY NEED IT

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    Locked. Your request has been made. If someone takes it up, they will.
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