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Would you like to see an addon for GriefPrevention?

  1. YES, very much. it would make it possible to remove other region plugins.

  2. NO, i dont see the point in having an addon to GriefPrevention.

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    Any developer out there willing to do an addon plugin to GriefPrevention?

    The plugin enables players to claim blocks as regions on a self service with a golden shovel on a server. it also has commands for admins / server owners to created admin/server claims. including subregions in one level. all commands and modifications to a claimed region is performed while standing inside the region.

    The author of GP specifically said he will not do region features like entry/exit messages, monsterspawn settings in claimed areas etc. Though there is an API which makes this possible.

    This request is for a developer that feels that he/she can make a plugin that will act as a addon to the base plugin. With the commands and permissions needed to set messages, pvp etc. while standing in the region as the base plugin does this.


    Suggested plugin name: GriefPreventionPlus

    Suggested base command: /gpp

    Feature (--commands, [perm]:
    * Entry / Exit messages
    -- /gpp set exit "sorry to see you leave my region" [gpp.exit]
    -- /gpp set enter "welcome to my region" [gpp.entry]
    -- /gpp set exit (no string = clear message) [gpp.exit]
    -- /gpp set enter (no string = clear message) [gpp.entry]
    * PvP in region
    -- /gpp set pvp on/off [gpp.pvp]
    * Monsterspawn Control
    -- /gpp set monsterspawn on/off [gpp.spawn]
    * Animalspawn Control
    -- /gpp set animalspawn on/off [gpp.spawn]

    permission for all of the above could be [gpp.*]

    This is my first request, so if im missing something please let me know.

    Thanks in advance & cheers
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    I have actually been creating a similar plugin for Grief Prevention that lets you deny players entry into the region. However my main goal is to allow players to toggle off entry so other players not trusted can't enter the claim. But also it may have an option to allow entry by payment, in particular the option to allow them if they have paid within a settable time.

    I was going to also add the ability to disable monsters. Toggling PVP is a good idea too and the others I could also add. However I can't say when it will be done. But I am already working on it and wouldn't mind adding those extra features for you.

    I also am planning to add integration with Towny so that you can't claim towns on GP claims and you cant create GP claims in town claims.
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    Hi. Well that sounds great :)
    I'm not gonna push regarding time, i just appreciate that you replied and happy that this might get done :)

    I'm not a programmer but let me know if i can help testing etc.

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    It's possible to make such a plugin, but it would cause server lag, like all features based on the players location.
    My Tip: Just create a worldguard region and set the flags you need.
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    This isn't about WorldGuard. I don't even have it installed on my server because I have this instead. So therefore this is what I am going to use. If WorldGuard can do it so can I.
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    So what's up? :)
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    Still building. Got a little busy but have still been working on this. Hope to have something somewhat soonish though. I want to use it and so do my players.
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    I am maybe about 60-70% or so done this.
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  9. Any update ryvix?
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    Funny, you should ask right now because I am actually working on it at the moment. Sorry, been very busy.

    I worked on this a fair bit today.

    So far I have these flags: animals|mobs|pvp|entry|exit|deny|charge

    You can provide a value for them like on, off, false, true, yes, no, a message, or an amount for charging to enter the area. They all should eventually have permissions associated with them to be allowed to toggle them.

    The deny could just deny them entry or even exit from the area.

    I haven't decided if I want to add the charge feature just yet. Maybe if it first asked them to confirm the fee and then allowed them to enter and then took the money from them it could work.

    I have to add a some more code to control what each does and then test it and fix the bugs. So pretty close to having a build to test at least. It uses a MySQL database at the moment. But maybe in the future I could add support for something else if it's really necessary.

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  11. Sweet :) Looking forward to it
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    I've also been looking for a way to disable pvp in certain GriefPrevention claims, specifically my main town admin claim... Really don't want to add a large plugin like WorldGuard just for that one feature in one claim.
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    ^ I'm in almost the same situation as this guy. I have GPRealEstate for purchasing claims, and the only reason I have WG at all is for region flags...

    Hope you can get this done soon!
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    The main GriefPrevention plugin has been updated to disable PvP in admin claims and/or player claims. You can't do it per player, for performance reasons it's all claims or nothing. But I just needed to disable PvP in admin claims so it's perfect for me! Per-player flags would still be a useful GP addon though.
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    :O It does now? Finally!

    It doesn't...
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    I'm still chugging away at this. I decided to give it a name and make a Bukkit dev page for it. It isn't quite done yet but it's getting there.

    I am just finishing up on the plugin, adding it all together and then will likely have to test and fix bugs and tweak it if necessary. I'll probably let it run on my server for a couple days to make sure it works ok before publishing it. It's coming together nicely. Players on my server are bugging me about it more lately so I really want to get it done. I think the ability to deny people entry into a claim is really what they want the most.

    It'll be interesting to see how much it actually affects performance and what I can do to tweak it as much as possible. I would like to make it possible to disable certain features in order to customize it to people's needs allowing them to tweak it themselves.

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    Simple. Add a config with enable/disable options for various features.
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    Any idea for when you'll start testing it? I can test it on my test server if you would like.
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    Well I am testing things on my comp and adding missing features and fixing bugs already. But it has a little ways to go before its ready for a live server. I think at this point it would be messed up due to 1.5 coming out so I will probably have to wait until after that and fix a bunch of other things that break as well. But probably not long after that.
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    Fair enough. I've been waiting since 1.2.5 for something like this, so I can wait until 1.5.
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    Any luck? My players can't wait to have more control over their claims.
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    I have been working on this quite a bit actually. I did have some other things slow me down a bit such as updating the server and all the plugins to 1.5 but it's getting there. I also have been and will be busy in the near future with non-minecraft work but maybe it won't take as much time as I think to do that stuff.

    I am going to start testing it on my server soon with only the flags for deny/allow/public/private and see how that goes while I finish the rest of them. I did successfully have the deny entry flag working, though it was a bit glitchy and inefficient so I am modifying it a bit to fix that. Once that's done adding the rest of the flags will probably fly by pretty quickly for the most part.
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    Hi there,

    Currently this plugin is in testing on my server with a few flags the players there wanted most. So far it seems well liked from what I can tell and no issues were reported and I haven't had any errors in the logs so things are looking pretty good thus far.

    I'm going to leave it on there for a couple days to see if there are any issues while I work on other things before I try to release it. I have to clean up the code and update the documentation a little more and put it on github. Then I will release a first version with the few flags I have done.

    I haven't had time to add all the flags I have planned to add yet but I will get them all setup eventually. I thought it best to just add these first and test things. The rest of them shouldn't take too long from this point.

    But I was wondering what everyone else wants for flags most so I can add them first. I added a poll on the DBO page here if anyone wants to contribute :)
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    Bukkit staff just approved the file. Download away...
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    Woot! I just logged on to update my plugin :p. This is great!
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    Oh great, I hope it works ok =) Been using it on my server without any errors for awhile now.

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