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Which Is Better Griefer Or Builder?

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    Plugin category: FUN

    Suggested name: GriefersVsBuilders

    A bit about me: I'm a server owner who has stumbled across THIS youtube video of a mini game that looks really fun! Also I have already filled this whole request out but I closed the window :mad: !

    What I want: I did not make this mini game but I'm sure I speak on behalf of everyone when I say this would be an excellent plugin! So it consists of Griefers on one team and Builders on the other. When a Griefer spawns he spawns in a large room with many chests with signs that they right click and pick a class but can't change it for the rest of the game (which is 15 minuets or less if they actually get the cake) with all of the classes mentioned in the video. They have to wait 10 Minuets until a definable iron door opens and they try to grief the fortress to get the [cake] and win, but it is not easy.. While they are waiting to go and grief the fortress, the Builders get creative mode for 10 mins and they cannot place obsidian or bedrock. This is all within a confined zone set by an owner. Once the game starts the iron door magically opens and all hell brakes loose. In addition, creative mode is turned off for those builders and they get the class they picked at the beginning of the game. Also the zone would need a zone border, maybe like War has.

    Ideas for commands: /gvb setzone /gvb setgspawn /gvb setbspawn /gvb setdoor /gvb setclass /gvb join /gvb leave

    Ideas for permissions: gvb.player (can join and leave games) gvb.admin (can define regions and doors,spawns ect.)

    When I'd like it by: Any time this year is fine.

    Similar plugin requests: None that I know of.

    Devs who might be interested in this: @tommytony @garbagemule @niccholaspage @Humsas

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