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    Plugin category:[ADMIN]
    Suggested name:GoldenRanker
    A bit about me:Server owner.
    What I want: A Ranking system that can rank valuable players.
    Ideas for commands: To rank someone: /grank [Playername] [Rank] [Why should the user be ranked] To demote someone: /ungrank [Playername] [Rank] To make a rank: /grank [new] [Rankname] To delete a rank: /grank delete [Rank]
    Ideas for permissions: Ops can use it.
    Willing to pay up to: $0
    Similar plugin requests:None
    Devs who might be interested in this: Unknown
    I hope you will like this because it would be great for my server!
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    Can somebody please read it?
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    Why not use something that already exists, such as PEX or GM?

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