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    AssassinClimber (Name may be subject to change) - The Assassin's Creed Plug-in for Bukkit

    I got this idea after several hours of playing AC: Brotherhood. Basically, it allows players to climb walls using Stone Buttons, which resemble the uneven stones and such seen in the Assassin's Creed games. Here is how it would work:

    It is very basic. You right-click on a button (If it is easier to use left-clicking, that's fine too), and get teleported to the air block it is in. Of course, there have to be some restrictions, like the maximum allowed distance between you and the button. I am not yet sure how great this distance should be, but it should not be as large as the range you have when selecting blocks (i.e. your range when mining and such). Two blocks (or meters) should probably do.
    Of course, when you get teleported to the button, you will start falling down immediately. To prevent this, players must be sneaking to prevent falling from walls. When a player is hanging onto a wall by sneaking, he or she can move around as if he/she's hanging onto a ladder. When you go too far from the button (exiting the air block) you fall down.

    To prevent players from climbing any random wall by placing their own buttons, the admin should be able to choose (Permissions!) which players can place stone buttons.

    • Climbing walls by right clicking on a stone button.
    • Hanging onto buttons by sneaking.
    • Permissions support: Not everyone in your servers should be assassins!
    • Needing permissions to place buttons.

    If this plug-in will be made, further improvements and additions might make this into a full Assassin's Creed plug-in, featuring wall climbing, assassinating, and possibly increased movement speed (and thereby longer jumps).
    A basic idea of how these things might work: Assassinating can be done by either attacking someone in the back (if possible to code that) using a certain item set to be the Hidden Blade, or by jumping on top of someone (from at least three(?) blocks high) and hitting the target as you land. Increased movement speed should be permanent: Assassins, when not crouching, should always move slightly faster than normal players.

    Please tell me if there are any parts of this impossible to build using the events Bukkit currently uses. If there is anything you think should be changed, please tell me by replying to this thread.

    Thanks in advance,
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    is this for all buttons placed already and the one that will be placed or just if you have like /buttonclimb on/off ?:p so buttons still can be used for normal stuff :)

    but anyways i really like this and it can probably make a great add-on to my obstacle coarse:D
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    My idea was to have this work for all buttons, but do remember that climbing should only work when right-clicking. This means that by left-clicking, you can still use the button as you used to do. Right-clicking also activates the button, though. Perhaps this plug-in should prevents buttons from activating when right-clicked on, but I think the current system allows some nice traps to be build: You could, for example, have dispensers shoot at intruders who try to climb your walls.

    However, if someone is going to make this plug-in, he or she could indeed opt to add commands that allow you to place both normal and climbing-buttons. It would be even better to have three types of buttons (although I am absolutely not sure this would even be possible): Normal buttons, climbing buttons that don't generate redstone signals, and climbing buttons that do generate redstone signals.
    Possible commands would be '/buttonclimb off' to keep all buttons you place normal, '/buttonclimb climb' for climbing-only buttons and '/buttonclimb signal' for redstone-signal climbing button.

    But our priority still is the plug-in as it is described in the OP. Things like the commands (It is a great idea, for sure), are things that could be added in future versions.
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    This blew my mind, really cool.
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    Yeah, really cool. Maybe for the climbing buttons, do something like /button climb place, then place the climbable buttons. This allows other buttons to be used for other things.
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    I think it would be simpler just to have a certain block that if you place the button on, it is climbable. A lot of plugins do that sort of thing.
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    Maybe it will work better if you are holding string and rightclick a button to stop people from climbing when they rightclick buttons?
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    String is a WorldGuard tool, if you use WG and use an item (like a chest or door, etc) it tells you the region and doesn't use the item. For compatibility's sake another item would work better.
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    So you would like all buttons to be climbable, until they are clicked on with a certain item?
    Perhaps it would be better to have all buttons be normal buttons when placed, and force people to click on the button with a certain item to make it climbable. This would prevent people from placing buttons to climb walls that aren't supposed to be climbable, as long as the item you have to be holding is hard/impossible to obtain without the /give command.
    It would be best to have users of the plug-in choose what item is needed, but a default item could be the slimeball (although it is obtainable... (Any suggestions for a different default item?)
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    Could you perhaps try your hand at this plug-in, or do you know any other plug-in developer who might be interested in creating this plug-in?
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    I think I know a way to do this, by just checking the block where the person is aiming at, then teleport him to there (the block must be within the range set in a config).
    But I dont have time this and next 2 weeks (exams)..
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    You could also just make the buttons act like ladders :/
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    @Jayjay110 not quite, you can't just make any object act like a ladder, it would require a lot of work
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    I agree it would take alot of work, but im saying solution found, it seems like a good idea :)
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    I think it would be better not to make them act as ladders: Gaps of one block between the buttons would become impossible to cross. Also, if you'd place enough buttons to make climbing possible (If they'd act like ladders), your walls might look quite bad...
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    Do we have to use buttons? Or could we use something like say cobblestone this way we wouldn't have to place buttons all over the walls and we could climb existing buildings.
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    That would be possible too. Perhaps it could be made so that players can climb walls much like spiders do, by just walking into them (given that the wall is made of blocks that can be climbed). Using Spout, a button could be assigned that switches climbing mode on and off, preventing people from climbing walls when they accidentally walk into a wall.
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    I am actually debating on working on this... I am thinking of doing it by holding the shift key u can climb walls. Then it would create maybe imaginary block beneath you or maybe I could implement a vehicle mech and do it that way...
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    Can't do all of that in a bukkit plugin though. Due to the fact that a we dont have enough hooks and b cant render the different positions you have to be in to do such stuff.
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    i know, but i wish it did. Still... blows ur mind :D
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    Well you can't do it the way you are going about it. In order for the client to not fall you need a mod or a block under them (you can also do stuff like make them jump or keep teleporting them but thats jerky and not what you want) You should be able to send a client side glass block to the player right under them and require them to sneak to use it. You should also look at this plugin for what I'm talking about (minus it being client side only).
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    The way I have it set up I do use the glass block :)

    So here is what I have got done:
    Climbing any wall made out of climbable materials (able to change this list in config file)
    Permission support
    sprinting (somewhat, a little choppy but that is to be expected)
    I will probably release this in a couple of days.

    Made it! Called it DarkBrotherhood can be found in plugin submissions right now.

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    wow nice job

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