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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by lomix, Feb 2, 2012.

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    Hello, I'm looking for something that would allow me to fully customize commands. I want to get rid of every single command except /home /sethome /back /r /msg etc. I dont want /i or /give or /gamemode... Well I want to get rid of em for Default Group only and set new ones for Admin/Moderator. Any ideas ! ?
  2. So you want to control who can use commands?
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    yes. more-less. i just want to get my server what i call 'hardcore' so no spawning items etc. No one on the server has OP except me. all they are are just Essentials Groups i.e Admin etc. I want to disable commands for Admin and other groups except Owner...
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    Use a Permissions Plugin, this is what they are made for :)
  5. Yes just edit their permissions so they cannot use any commands.
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    ok thanks. would you know why cant i use [war] or [sell/buy] on signs ? btw. im new to server shannanagance.
  7. Maybe you don't have the permission required. Also, could I come on your server? :D
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    Sure mate, but down side is that my ip changes everyday.. i run it at pc. add me on skype (jakubzzzz) to be updated with ip. also watch my video for more info ?

    Serve Info :
    TIMES ONLINE : mostly from 4pm gmt onwards. on holidays from moring.
    CLIENT : 1.1 cracked and premium.
    SLOTS : 15
    LAG : Barely
    STAFF : 3 People only : Owner ( lomix ) Admin ( Scotsman1997 ) Mod ( MINECARTjr )
    GAMEMODE : 'hardcore' survival - no giving items, no /warp command, only sign [warp]. etc.
    PEOPLE : friendly, kick for being extremly rude.
    MAIN LAUNGUAGE : english, i dont mind any other speaking people.
    BACKUP : manual 2-3 times a day. separate hard drive for backups. also plugin bckups.
    PROTECTION : I do manual protection for your land, no OwnBlocks - Lockette enabled though.

    Go on ahead and spread the word. xD I will post a 'post' at Minecraft Forums aswell xD Thanks Or Shall I make a post here ? Anyways, checkout post at Minecraftforums (it will be updated with new IP - so if you cant connect check status up there ) http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/996327-server-lomixs-hardcore-survival-bukkit/
  9. Ok cool
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    If you want, ill start my server up in 10-20mins. check minecraft forums for ip
  11. Can I be a mod if I prove myself?

    Whats the IP?

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    Sorry mate, my staff ends at 3 people, I dont need any more... Would you have any idea why [warp] and [sell] [buy] signs dont work ? I need them to work for my server to work properly...
  13. Do the plugins for them work?
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    Yeah, Essentials Works allright, all plugins I have work... except sign [warp] [sell] [buy]... [protect] (lockette) works.
  15. Have you set up the signs correctly?
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    Line 1 --> [Warp]
    Line 2 --> (name of warp)
    Line 3 --> [Empty]
    Line 4 --> [Empty]
  17. Maybe you should ask the essentials people for help
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    Go to your essentials config.yml And go down to where to kits are. You should see at least kit tools. Now either below that or above that you will see a list of words with a # before them.
    #Warp ect ect.
    Remove the # but click the space bar so it looks like this
    That should activate the signs for you.
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    OMG !!!! It helped ! You just saved ma life... ok maybe not life... xD Thanks Very Much dude ! I'll make an 'official' launch of server tomorrow... maybe Tuesday GMT...
    Your welcome to join ma V.I.P crue. [ lolz, there will be only VIPs... unless some1 gonna join ma serva ]

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