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    Plugin category: World Editing and Management

    Suggested name: WorldReloadr? :D I dunno, I don't think it really matters ;p

    What I want: I'd like an automatic world reloader. It would reload a world from a backup at a configurable interval. For example, a mining world. Or in my case, A Post Apocalyptic world where ghasts constantly destroy terrain and players. It could do this when everyone leaves, or it could teleport them to a different world and send a broadcast to everyone saying it's being reloaded

    As an added bonus, if you could make an option to reload just one region from a backup, That'd be awesome and i'd love you forever ;3

    Ideas for commands: /world reload <world name> (Manual world reload)
    /area reload <area name> (Manual area reload)
    /area create <area name> (No idea on how you could set the points. ;p Maybe world edit?)
    /world interval <world name> <interval> (sets the interval for reloading of the world. Something like 5h or 2m)
    /area interval <area name> <interval> (Same thing as above, but for areas)
    /worldreloader reload (Reloads config)

    Ideas for permissions: worldreloader.* (All commands)
    Worldreloader.world (Only gives access to /world commands)
    Worldreloader.area (Only gives access to /area commands)

    When I'd like it by: Take your time. I understand this might be a challenge, but i really would love something like this. :3
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    These plugins are always hard to create/use because they will need MySQL db and Bukkit does not allow plugins to overwrite the world folder, I would like to take a crack at it but I just do not have the time for it right now.
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    Well i tryyy to avoid MySQL Because my host doesn't provide it :p

    So is there any way, that it can regenerate a world from a backup (Creating a whole new world) And after it's done regenerating, delete the old world? Or does that just make things complicated?
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    Deleted user

    The plugins that do this often break the server. One error and *bam*, your world folder is corrupted.
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