[REQ][FORMATTED]SDR - Spawner Destruction Rewards

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    Plugin category: Mechanics, Economy

    Suggested name: SDR - Spawner Destruction Rewards

    What I want: I want a simple plugin that lets me set a cash or item reward in a config for destroying a spawner. It would automatically reward the player for destroying the spawner. If it had a message display that they received it that would be nice but not necessary. If there was a message, I would prefer it be configurable too. Supporting Vault would be needed so it can at least support GroupManager and iConomy.

    Ideas for commands: /sdr reload - default to op

    Ideas for permissions: sdr.reward - Needed for players to receive rewards for destroying a spawner.

    When I'd like it by: Should be simple enough to make for someone experienced with making plugins so I'm hoping as soon as you can.
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    Hey, I like this idea... Mob farms aren't allowed on my server, and this would be a great way to help encourage people to destroy the spawner. If someone creates this, could they support PEX (if no Vault).
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    Nice idea,( this plugin need for my server too =D )
    I will post a link for the project when it is done ;)
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    Thank you, kind sir. :)
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    Thanks for taking an interest in doing it :D
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    Deathmarine Retired Staff

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    Just want to get this plugin attention. It works well, you just have to copy the example config on the bukkit dev into the config.yml because otherwise it stays blank. Thanks for your work newboyhun

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