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    Plugin category: [ADMN]

    Suggested name: PvPWatch

    A bit about me: I'm completely remodeling my server right now and have lots of new ideas!

    What I want: I'd like a plugin where you can set in the config how many kills and how many minutes and then what command the consequence would be. Maybe this example could help:

    kills: 4
    inMinutes: 10
    consequence: /kick <player>
    and that would make it so if a player killed 4 times in 10 minutes, it would kick them.

    Commands: No commands.

    Permissions: pvpwatch.exempt - This doesnt apply to you. Go crazy!

    When I'd like it by: More preferably soon.

    Devs: CoKoC tobiyas
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    I still need this plugin!
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    I will look into this it doesn't seem very hard to do. I will do it if I get the time.
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    Cool. Once this is done, I can open my server to the public :D
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    I have a question do you need a config for the amount of times that the player needs to kill to be kicked or any permissions?

    In my opinion a command to set such things would be much easier to do

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    Well my idea was to have a config to set how many times would be the maximum amount of times you could kill in a certain amount of minutes. Further explain your idea of using a command. :)

    Oh, and you would set the consequece too
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    My idea is to have a command set the amount of kills and time rather than putting it in a config fine I could also do permissions for the command
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    I'd rather have a config but.....
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    A command and a config? Or in-game config editing? Seems radical to me.
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    No. Not a command. Only a config that is something like what I said in the first post.

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