[Req][Formatted] Multitories (With a twist)

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    Plugin Category - Mechanics, Admin Tools

    Suggested Name - Multitories

    - multitories.admin.reload
    - multitories.bypass.worldname

    - multitories reload (mt reload)

    The two plugins used for managing multi-world inventories that are kept up to date(multiverse inventories and multi-inv) are lacking something that I personally want/need(and something I think should have been added in the first place.) I want an inventory management system that works a lot like those two plugins do but has the added feature of being able to define SPECIFIC items that can or cannot be brought between the worlds. (kind of like a blacklist or a whitelist). If you attempt to bring an item that is on the blacklist you will be denied access to the world you are trying to enter until you remove the item(s) from your inventory. The plugin should work in a similar fashion as the others, defining world "groups" in the configuration that share inventories and below that would be the blacklist telling the plugin what items can't be brought between those shared worlds.(the blacklist would need to be very configurable and accept Data Values, Enchantments, NBT(maybe), etc. A function to allow "one way sharing" should also be added, this is something I have requested time and time again and the best I have ever gotten was a "I'll look into it." The one way sharing would work exactly as it sounds, you can take items from World-1 into World-2 but not from World-2 into World-1
    As far as permissions and commands go there needs to be a reload command, possibly commands to edit these settings in-game and permissions that allow the user to bypass any restrictions.

    TL;DR - A multi-world inventory plugin that can limit individual items from being taken between worlds and supports an optional one-way sharing system that would only allow items to be taken in to a world but not back out.

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