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    Plugin category: RPG/MECH

    Suggested name: Enchanting Skill

    A bit about me: [old] I share ownership of a server called Warbimcraft with 7 other people. We currently have one custom plugin and are waiting on another one.

    What I want: Basically this plugin will make Enchanting weapons, armor and tools require an mcmmo skill called Enchanting. Similar to let's say WoW where you need to be a certain level and have the correct skill to pull off an enchantment you want. You don't need to show them the enchantment they will get or anything. It will still be random for the experience level required but this way they can't just use mob spawners/mob arena/kill monsters at night for hours and get really good enchantments.
    An example formula might be:
    Level 1 Enchants - 1-5 skill
    Level 2 Enchants - 5-7
    Level 3 Enchants 7-10
    Doesn't have to be this at all, you can come up with your own fair formula and I'd like to discuss it with you :)
    Extra Features: Require ingredients to do enchantments and an enchanting rod (stick, lever, bone, blaze rod = each one applying to a range of skill levels). Ingredients might be: Blaze Powder, Ghast Tears, Sugar, Coal, Spider Eye, Fermented Spider Eye, Netherwart, Bonemeal, Gold Nugget, Redstone, Slime balls, Magma Cream, Melon, Glistering Melon, Golden Apple, Feathers, EnderPearls, RottenMeat, Different Dyes,

    Ideas for commands: /enchanting, /mctop enchanting

    Ideas for permissions: mcmmo.enchanting

    When I'd like it by: I'm hoping someone would take interest in this so I'm flexible.

    Similar plugin requests: None that I saw.

    Devs who might be interested in this: Not sure
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    i would love this on my server too
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    Friendly bump. Its been awhile.
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    This seems like an awesome idea. Anyone?
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    I would be needing this plugin for my server. Great idea sir!!! Plz make!!!
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    Would be nice to know if this was doable or not.
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    Not sure this is possible as the gui of the enchanting table is client side, we cant change what they see. Nor what they can do.
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    What if you made it so that you need a certain enchanting skill amount for the current level you have? For example:
    I have level 15 from experience orbs but only 5 in enchanting skill. I also have bookshelves around the table. It denies me the enchanting table until I remove bookshelves around it. It would say a message "You lack the enchanting skill to use this. Remove bookshelves to continue."
    This is all I can think of for getting around it.
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    The GUI is client-side, but the enchantments created are server-side. If you select an enchantment level you don't have the skill for, the server could generate an enchantment you DO, and only "charge" you that many experience levels. The client might knock your xp by the full amount, but at the next player packet, this should update. We're already used to slight interface clunkiness when doing out-of-spec things like custom recipes (inventory updates only when you move something), so this wouldn't be a breaking issue.

    Instead of making it update-dependent, you could even make it a feature (really charging as much experience as necessary, and then maybe giving some of it back) with one of several methods:

    1. Extra experience returned with a message "You feel you overextended yourself, but recover quickly."
    2. Extra experience lost, with a message "You feel drained, but were not skilled enough to make full use of your power."
    3. Extra experience partially returned, with a message "You overextended yourself, but recover somewhat."
    4. Don't have a hard requirement, but make success rate skill dependent. Other mcMMO skills are used this way, so you could let enchantments fizzle. "It whines, glows, and fades." (Tribute to roguelikes, of course.)

    "Punishments" for trying too much would be in the spirit of mcMMO, since other skills (like Herbalism) don't return reagents on failure.

    This could be configurable with linear interpolation of probability, with the "required skill" being the 100% success rate mark.

    - levels:
        - level:
            - enchantment-level: 5
            - required-skill: 10
    - failures:
        - failure:
            - message: "It whines, glows, and fades."
            - return: 0%
            - chance: 20%
        - failure:
            - message: "You overextended yourself, but recover somewhat."
            - return: 50%
            - chance: 70%
        - failure:
            - message: " You feel you overextended yourself, but recover quickly. "
            - return: 100%
            - chance: 10%

    Returned experience, likelihood of managing a lower-grade enchantment, etc., could all be configurable.

    Crap . . . makes me wish I knew Java . . .
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    I think this would be very hard to do because adding something onto a closed source plugin like MCMMO wouldn't be easy to do. My advice for you is to go to the MCMMO thread and request it rather than requesting it here.
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    Ytry: mcMMO is open-source, you know, right?

    Also, they have a budding API, so it may be possible to do this without directly modifying the plugin itself.

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    I like all of that. It'd be nice if someone reconsidered this thread.
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    and MCMMO is open-source as previously said in this thread. I think its time for a re-read because this would be an awesome skill. The developer who takes this can use items or not. Its an old request but its there for reference/ideas.
    I don't like bumping my own old thead but I feel like there have been plenty of changes to try it again.
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    Wow it's almost this thread's 1 year birthday :p

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