[REQ] {FORMATTED} Bugfix for xAuth

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Are you using xAuth and will donate for this bugfix?

  1. I am using it but I won't donate.

    9 vote(s)
  2. I am using it and I'll donate.

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    Plugin category: SEC/ADMIN/ANTI GRIEFING

    Suggested name: xAuth_Fixed (You can choose ;)

    A bit about me: I am a Server Owner...

    What I want: I just want this bug fixed
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    (appears if someone logs in with the name of a player/admin who is already online. The one who tries to login cant login, but if he is the player/admin who is already online he is able to do anything (chat related) without loggin in! for example he is able to /op other players.)
    , for this (a bit modified) .jar (Source)

    Willing to pay up to: Not sure for now. Every Server Owner using xAuth will be very happy I guess and maybe will donate.

    When I'd like it by: As fast as you can. I'll keep bumping it.

    Similar plugin requests: Tell me if there are some.

    Okay someone is writing something I'll use so I dont need this but maybe others will need it...

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    Yeah, an update for this would be helpful :3

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