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    Hello, just woke up and a thought popped in my head - force fields in Minecraft, now that would be awersome.

    So here is a thought for you mod makers out here! Personally I barely know Java language, since I don't work with it, and I am more of a designer, rather than a programmer, so...

    The idea would be, if the players with certain permissions (defined in a permisions plugin Permissions or/and GroupUsers (don't know what is better, been using GroupUsers for now) would be for players to be able to make Force Fields, that would be interacted with redstone wire (signal on/off) through streaming the power to a sign, that is near the gate (Similar to the CraftBook concepts bridge feature on Hmod).

    The Force Field material would be either water (Stationary water - ITEM ID 9) or Portal (ITEM ID 90), don't know how Stationary water would work horizontally, but the idea is to make Vertical door-like Force Fields, which would then afterwords either prevent people from going through (admins would get an override on that one - could be able to walk through any Force Field), or damaging and throwing the player back, like as if it would have been shot from an arrow, that would come from the portals side - throw back the player by damaging him as well, making clear for him, that that place is protected! And since I like to test things myself, would be nice, if the Admin override would work based on a toggle feature like Magic Carpet, where you could write a / command to become as everyone else, that can't get through the portal or by making you immune to its powers and with the ability to pass through unharmed. Others would be able to go through by clicking on the sign or by using a lever, button or a pressure plate, that would trigger the Redstone current on or off - enabling and disabling the Force Field power - it would simply turn off.

    P.S. I don't know how far or short is Bukkit on those player based hooks, so the options are limited based upon Bukkit state of development.
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    You posted this in the wrong section. This is the plugin releases section, but this belongs in plugin requests. can a mod move this please?
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    either it was moved or your crazy...
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    Both, it was moved, but me being crazy is besides the point :p

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