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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by DrakeBD, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. This is just a general question as it would be a good idea for say powerlines to be made in game
    would it be possable to make redstone wireing not be destroyed when the block below is removed
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    Idk if this works but try to use world edit, make a region selection then type //set redstone. Probably wont work without client mods.
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    Unfortunately the redstone updates and the physics checks take place at the same time, so if you disable the redstone breaking it won't carry current, either. =(
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    Oh well thank you for telling us :)
    Couldn't someone make a faux redstone block with Spout's custom block API, that would have physics like stone, but carry a current to it's adjecent blocks?
    Idk, i haven't really gotten into custom blocks or physics yet, but i always thought it might be possible.
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    With spout, it may be possible. I'll check out the api.
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    block 36, bump
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    I can try this without spout.
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    It is possible without spout, it would just be ugly and probably pretty slow. If you want just power line look, you could wait until 1.3 when string can be placed, and just have a server texture pack that makes it looks like power lines.

    If you want a redstone current to "travel" through the line, it is possible, but could get resource intensive over long distances since recursion would probably need to be used. It would be easier to use a wireless redstone mod.
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    You could use my plugin, CrimsonStone. One of it's features is allowing redstone to be placed on anything, so you could have redstone on iron bars to make it look like power lines. Additionally, I plan to add floating redstone in the very, VERY near future. I already have the code, and its very fast (Absolutely 0 even handling), I just have to integrate it. No Spout needed, as its the same redstone. Also, I don't see why everyone says its so hard... Its just overriding the BlockRedstoneWire class, and making canPlace() always return true. As it is in the specific class, it won't have trouble from physics.

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