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    PLUGIN DESCRIPTION - flattens an area around you within a specified radius and height leaving a layer of blocks of your choice covering the ground. All in 1 command

    POSSIBLE COMMANDS - /flatten (radius) (height) (ground block). example /flatten 20 30 grass (would flatten an area 20 blocks in each direction horizontaly and 30 blocks high leaving grass on the ground) also maybe an option to make the area a square.

    POSSIBLE PERMS - i think letting ppl run around ur server flattening all the land could be troublesome so maybe just have it for ops and a flat.* perm for admins

    I know this can be done fairly easily with world edit but this would just save a bit of time especialy if u want to clear a town plot this could just remove everything on the plot without having to mark lots of different positions. There may even be a plugin that does this. But i cant find it, if it exists.
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    +1 i like this idea and yeah only for op's
    Then if players want to move in or i have some kind of town project i can flatten the land so easily. i like that i can also change the type of blocks!
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    the_merciless Using WE //cyl command would do that. //cyl 0 radius height, you could then dig one block down, and use //cyl grass radius 1, to replace the ground level
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    I'd rather just stay away from world edit but then its up to ppls preferences
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    Hi there.

    I made your plugin. You can download it here : <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Here are the sources : http://pastebin.com/PHLp3P1D

    It works with Bukkit Beta 1.2.3-R0.1

    The command is the same as the one the you suggested, except the ground block material expects an id.
    eg. /flatten 5 3 1 will do this :

    Hope you enjoy.
    If you want more features, an updated JAR or anything, poke me on my profile.
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    will try it out. tho from the pic does it count 3 down from u or 3 up?
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    Following your renewed request, I modified the plugin to provide a better framework for evolution.
    You can download it here : <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Here are the sources : http://pastebin.com/2hyKTXCi

    The command is now in this format : /flatten [mode] [ground block id] [up/down] [radius] [height]
    The available modes are circle (abbreviated 'c'), which is the old flatten command, rectangle (abbreviated 'r'), which is as you described and chunk. The radius and height arguments aren't needed for the latter mode.

    Sorry, I didn't add the undo command. :(

    eg. If you type in /flatten chunk 1 down, you'll have this :

    Here is the actual new request:
    If you want more features, found a bug or anything, simply poke me again on my profile, but this time with a link to this thread with the info.
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    Thanks very much this looks perfect will test it out later today :).

    Yep this is just what i wanted, didnt realy need the down option, but may come in handy 1 day. The undo command would make this great, tho if thats not easy todo i could prob work without it. Thank you so much for making this.

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    Matt 7

    CoKoC This plugin looks like just what I need for my new server that I am creating. Unfortunately, the download link does not work. Do you have a download available for 1.5.2? If so I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
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    Congrats. Bumped a year old thread :D
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