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  1. Plugin category: FIX/FUN/MECH/MISC

    Suggested name: IntellidoorsReloaded(?)

    A bit about me: A dedicated player and server admin. I've been running my own server for over 18 months.

    What I want: Want? That seems a little demanding! I'd like to request a plugin with similar, if not identical, functionality to that of the now inactive/out-of-date plugin 'Intellidoors':
    • Double doors are synchronized and open simultaneously.
    • All forms of 'doors' (doors, double doors, fence gates, trap doors, etc) automatically close after a set number of ticks/seconds.

    These two points above are the main elements I'd like to have access to again, but the following below is the old stated functionality of Intellidoors for those who have neither used it before, checked it out via the link above or would be more interested in my request with the added functionality:
    • Inverts the response to redstone on the right door in a double door set.
    • Holds doors open for two seconds after they lose redstone power.
    • Keeps double doors in sync by mimicing your actions on either door to the other door. This includes redstone controlling one door causing the other to respond.
    • Individual reverse iron doors retain old functionality. This means it closes them when powered, and it opens them when not powered. Additionally, instead of delaying their response when losing power: it delays their response when receiving power.
    • Prevents you from accidentally shutting a door after opening it, or opening it after shutting it.
    • Resets all wooden and trap doors to their original power state after five seconds.

    I'd request an update/fork of Intellidoors itself, as the author has long provided the source, but I'm not sure if that would be permitted or allowed.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: No permissions needed really.

    When I'd like it by: If anyone would be so kind enough as to take and fulfill my request, I'd be incredibly happy and grateful.

    Similar plugin requests: None.
  2. Bump.

    I'm really surprised that there aren't other plugins similar to this, as it feels like a necessity to me, as an admin and a player.
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    I loved the old IntelliDoors. Too bad it's not working with 1.2.5!
  4. Ill have a look at it
    Not promising anything

    Guys Try this

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    If the original owner wants me to take this down just PM me

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  5. Awesome! Thank you very much.

    Testing it now.

    • Double doors don't open in sync
    • With a double door, if you open and close each door quickly in succession, one flips its rotation to match the other.
  6. Would anyone else be interested in updating/fix this? :)
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    Bumping, highly interested in having someone convert this for 1.2.5+
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    I know this is not exactly what you are looking for but lockette locks doors and it auto closes them if they happen to be locked. I dont know if that will help at all since you are not looking for door locks......
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    This post is 28 days old...does anyone still want this made! I'd be happy to convert it?
  10. This is what I've been using in the interim, but it's not as 'seamless' as Intellidoors.

    Oh sweet baby jeezus, yes please!

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    I will personally pay someone to convert this if done right. I found a version that works for 1.2.5 but the syncing is all messed up. I want it 100% working.
  12. Lé bump. (Don't hit me! :'( )
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    Looks like i might end up doing it
  14. You, sir, are a saint!
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    Checking out the code now
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    LWC will do what you want if you don't mind having door locks. Plus, I think you can make them public without locking them anyway. Just a suggestion. :)
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    I think this is better off just being re-coded..
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    I don't think they close automatically...

    Also, I looked at the source code via github and it appears to be a clusterfuck.
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    Can't get it to work... The current code for Intellidoors is really a pile of shit. half of it isn't needed.
  20. It hasn't been updated since the door format had been changed. No luck?
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    Nope :(
  22. Regardless, thanks for trying! :)

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