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    Plugin category: Economy

    Suggested name: EzPay

    A bit about me: I'm a server owner, & an addicted minecraftian. I don't know the basics of code, but I would love to see this plugin come a reality. I'm always trying to find cool plugins for my server here.

    What I want: I would like a plugin where a player can pay another player easily. The player should be able to set a time interval & an amount of money. So for example, say I made an apartment, I could ask for rent every day. Then it would be easy for the player staying in my apartment to pay me everyday.

    Ideas for commands: "/ezpay create [name of pay] [player] [amount] [time in seconds]" to request to pay to a player, name of pay would just be anything you want to call it so you don't forget, for example apartment rent, or mining salary. Also perhaps "/ezpay accept" so the other player can accept that he will get paid, this is to avoid potentially problematic situations. Also, /ezpay "[name of pay]" that could list the number of transactions for that ezpay. So if Bill did "/ezpay town_tax1 gold23 10 216000" this would mean that Bill pays me every $10 every hour. I then have to type "/ezpay accpet town_tax1" to accept this pay. Another command is "/ezpay cancel [name of pay] this would cancel the pay. To make sure he hasn't done this when I was offline, I type "/ezpay list". If town_tax1 is still on their, then I know he hasn't cancelled. Also, there is no way he can cancel and then setup the ezpay transaction thing again without me knowing, because I have to accept it.

    Ideas for permissions:"ezpay.option" same as /ezpay accept, & /ezpay cancel. "ezpay.create" same as /ezpay create. ezpay.list is /ezpay list. And ezpay.history.

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible, I'm aiming to launch my server on Friday April 13th. So hopefully by then.

    Additional Info: The plugin must be hooked into iConomy. Thank you.

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    does it not support iConomy?
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    Yeah, SimpleRegionMarket supports iConomy :)
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    Great, good substitute, but I still need this plugin. If anyones interested...
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    Yeah if anyone else could also make this please tag me with an @.

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