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    Dear Bukkit users,

    I have a request for a, i think, simple plugin.

    We want to give people a kit by using /kit [name] [kitnumber].

    For example, we make a kit in the config.yml with a diamond pickaxe. I do ingame, as admin, /kit Bularax diamond. I will get a diamond pickaxe then. We need it working with console commands.

    If this is possible, and someone would take some time in making this script, we will love you and respect you on our server.

    Yours Faithfully,
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    Thanks for the respond.

    But i want to give people, as admin, a kit.

    So for example: /kit Bularax kit1
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    With that plugin he posted you create the kits with watever items you want and can also chose the names of the kits which is exactly what you asked for.
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    I said this:

    Oh and by [name] i meant playername. Sorry
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    So you mean that only admins can give kit? Isn't that the same as give? Anyways i could make the plugin for u ;)
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    If you want, i love you :)
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    There is a plugin that does exactly this. However, it has a whole slew of stuff you probably don't want as extra: AdminCMD

    Basically you create a kit in the separate "kits.yml" folder that it provides, and then you can give players kits in game with "/kit [kitnameornumber] [player]"

    I believe it also provides a permission node to allow only admins the ability to distribute kits.

    Like I said though, it comes with SOOO much extra stuff. x_x It may be possible for someone to simplify it and make a kit-only-version.
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    yeah, can begin today with the kit-only plugin ;)
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    Nice! Looking forward to the plugin.

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