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    While adding certain features I stumbled upon Mudders Milk and felt that it would be really interesting to add Drugs to minecraft. Now while you can't add block ids a couple things happen to look like certain drugs. e.g. Sugar - Cocaine, Reeds - Weed, Brown/Red Mushrooms - Shrooms, etc. There isn't many visual effects you could do for them but like Mudder's milk you could add things such as text editing, staggering, health damage, addiction, overuse. For addiction the plugin could detect how many of a certain drug have been used in a day (MC Day) and if a limit is reached declare addiction and begin damaging the player if it isn't taken every hour or so. To cure addiction there could be a command or an item that could be used. To reduce CPU intensity, the state of addiction shouldn't be stored and should just be dismissed upon log out. To be realistic certain drugs shouldn't be addictive mainly weed.
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    not to be critical, but if drugs had this effect, why would players use it?
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    They can also have good effects like giving health, sheep around the person changing colors, etc.
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    tha d0ctor

    lol @ idea

    Needs overdose feature, if you eat too much ur booted from server?
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    Could do I was thinking more that it kills you and leaves you addicted if you overdose although kicking could work
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    cocaine - short term speed burst, swing speed, chat letters get jumbled, uncontrollable head bobbing, lose 1 heart per unit consumed.
    weed - short term speed loss, swing speed reduced, until food is consumed, all food heals for double the normal amount, wolves are easier to tame, saplings have a chance to become trees instantly
    shrooms - randomly colored sheep, lava/water graphics are reversed, ability to see 3 tiles beneath you (mini x-ray), fall damage reduced by half

    Overdosing on any drug - death with random respawn in the world
    Addiction lose 1/2 heart per minute until drug is consumed, or you stay alive for 15 mins to break the addiction.
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    Nice dude. I want this plug-in in my new coffee-shop plz.
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    Drugs are bad, mkay!

    "sorry for spam ... lol"
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    Coke can be sugar, something brown is brownie, seed weed.
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    Here's some of the code

    public void onPlayerInteract(PlayerInteractEvent e)
      if (e.getAction() == Action.RIGHT_CLICK_AIR)
        if (/* Check if item used is a drug */)
          e.getPlayer().kickPlayer("Drugs are bad for you");
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    maybe make it automatically activate th F8 function too, if thats possible, for more of a "sway"
  12. When using certain drugs the screen should start changing colors, all other players appear as mobs, and mobs appear as players. Also this should play. (Say it's not possible? It is with Spout)
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    making the player have an invisible to other players pumpkin on there head so they look like this [​IMG]
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    This is a great idea and, but theres got to be a way to make it. like for cocaine you could take sugar, red stone and bonemeal. then for weed it could be it own plant if possible that is found rare in the wild. and the same thing with shrooms but you have to bake it in a furnace. but make it obvious it a shroom like having it be a rainbow colored mushroom.
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    I'm making this right now!
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    I already have weed and cocaine on my server check it out ip in signiture but here also

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    Hah, what a idea!
    I would do but Technius has got you sorted :)
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    I have a small beta, where cocaine makes you invincible for a few seconds but damages you for 1 heart at the beginning.

    *I said that knowing I would not take drugs IRL*
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    I do like this idea, but only using vanilla items, not implementing new ones with Spout. I'm just not sure about installing spout right now.
  20. @Technius: I know you're taking this up but I coded a bit... Just for fun...

    If you want the codes or even code together with me, feel free to ask. :)

    You bake shrooms? That's a bad idea cause the chemical inside isn't resistant to heat. Better use red shrooms. They still have the right texture and are rarer then brown.

    I want to say that I never ever took drugs in my whole life... :p
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    Hope this is going well, just wondering if any progress is being made considering this thread is the only access I have to this idea, and I really like the idea.
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    @1cec0ld Here is a really simple plugin. I'm still working on it, but university and Skyrim takes up most of my time!


    Right-click holding sugar for the drug effects. Players require the permission: nosecandy.use
    It defaults to Op.
    When a player uses it, they get about 10 seconds of increased speed. Then, they get the "comedown" effects.
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    LMAO I had no idea what to expect when you said "comedown" and I love it! What else can you do? Maybe have one of them be Made for that effect? If you want any other ideas that aren't scrolled up, let me know, this is great so far! (and working for 1597 in case you care at all)
    It didn't default to Op, but when I added * to one of my players it worked. Using EssentialsGroupManager, Plan to switch to PEX soon. Very soon.
    I don't know if it's related, it may be another plugin, but something is causing my MC to freeze whenever I join my server. I only have a few things on it, so you might want to investigate briefly. I'm not blaming you, I plan to look into the other plugins as well. CB 1597
    Thank you for the terrific job, I love it already!
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    I haven't really worked on it since I posted it here, been quite busy! Glad you like it though! I guess theres a good chance that it was my plugin that caused the problems as it uses the craftbukkit.jar as well as the bukkit api. This was because there were no methods of adding the effects. Since then I think the methods have been added to the Bukkit api, so it would be much better to use those.

    If you have any ideas for it then definitely PM me. I'll have lots of time over xmas to update it and add new features.
    It would be really easy to add the "comedown" effect to another item, and other effects are fairly simple to add too.
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    lol... XD
    Whoever makes this, should show it to UrbanCraft! its a server that's doing these drug systems and stuff... so if you make an actual drug plugin, you should show it to them, i play on their server and this'd be awesome to see in there!

    If i'm not mistaken, there was a plugin that, when you type a command, makes everything you see swirl around. it'd be a good effect for shrooms!
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    That swirl effect is what I used for the comedown in the last version of NoseCandy.
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    Ok, I have a couple new ones, namely Weed and Vodka. (Alcohol is a drug, people need to know this)
    My question now is: Do you want to use Spout? Do you care at all? I was about to start Shrooms, and read that they "completely erasing the normal filters and screens between your conscious mind and the outside world."
    Which made me think NETHER. So I would have the people THINK they were in the Nether without actually being there.
    This would require editing the sky and nearby block textures though, so Spout is virtually a must.
    Let me know what you think, I'll PM you my other 2, which don't require Spout API.
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    This really really looks awesome, putting it on my server when it comes out :)
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    Started working on it, going to be using Spout too seeing as I haven't really used it before.
    Going to be adding new items, and hopefully, if possible, crops as well, so you can grow stuff.


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    Are you going to implement my Shrooms idea? Making them think they were in the Nether by changing the sky and the nearby block textures?

    Did you implement the other 2 that I PM'd you? Just trying to keep up with your changes as they come.

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