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    Plugin Category: Anti-Greifing, Admin tools

    Suggested name: Decoy Blocks, Decoy-Blocks, Greifer Decoy

    A bit about me: Hey, im a server owner, i run a server Called internal-Craft, it has 7 worlds, several game modes, and a really friendly community! Ive had lots of trouble with griefers on my server, even though i have logs, and anti greifing plugins. so i started Brainstorming!

    What im thinking: there are several block loging plugins out there all ready, but in odrer to find a grifer, you have to look through thousands of broken blocks, in the log.

    So i thought hey, why not only log certain blocks, make it so you can add blocks to your log. for example. you have a road that no one would normly destroy right? so slap the blocks that your road is made of with a stick! Awsome they have just beed added to the Decoy List!

    If a Greifer comes and breaks decoy blocks it will do the following
    1 Break
    - Warn Ops or Admins that (1) decoy has been broken by (Player Name)
    - add the broken block to the log file
    2 Breaks -
    - Warn Ops or Admins that (2) decoy has been broken by (Player Name)
    - add the broken block to the log file
    3 Breaks
    - Same as above but auto kick the player (or jail or whatever)
    5 Breaks
    - Freeze the player so they cant move, and broadcast a message to the admins saying (Name) is Frozen for destroying 5 decoys)

    Well thats my idea of it!, if you could add a config file, that would be great (Change Breaking Punishments)

    Ideas for commands:
    /db restore decoys - Puts all broken Decoys back, so they can catch the next grifer!
    /db reload - reloads the config file
    /db teleport - Teleports you to the last broken Decoy Block, so you can see the damages the grifer has done
    /db unfreeze (player name) - unfreezes a frozen player
    /db freeze (player name) - freezes an unfrozen player

    (dont feel you need to do all of these, there just ideas)

    Ideas For Permissions:
    please support permissions (3.1.6) as lots of servers still depend on this
    decoyblock.* - all permissions
    decoyblock.freeze.unfreeze - Unfreeze a player
    decoyblock.freeze.freeze - freeze a player
    decoyblock.freeze.* - Both Freeze permissions in one
    decoyblock.teleport - teleport to the last broken decoy block
    decoyblock.restore - allow the /db restore decoys command
    decoyblock.decoy - users with this permission can hit blocks with a certain item, turning the block into a decoy
    decoyblock.reload - Lets a user reload the config

    Willing to pay up to: $0
    im only 15 I can afford to pay for things... but imsure you could get
    good donations for this plugin, as I be live it would be very popular, mabey one of the better antigrifing plugins. (from a server owners point of view)

    When would i like it:
    Who knows? i would love to have it now, but you can take 6 months, It the fact you would make it that counts for me!

    Simler plugin requests: i didn't look to hard for a simler one, so if someone suggested this im truly sorry for stealing the idea, but there's non that I know of.

    if you make this... THANKYOU SO MUCH YOUR MY FAVORITE PLUGINDEVELOPER HANDS DOWN! [diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond]:D

    EDIT: the /db restore decoys command, would also act as a good roll back, as it would act like a protection against those blocks... also make sure if you develop this, you do not let the grifers know, that they broke a decoy =P only broadcast the messages to the admins, or better yet make another permission called decoyblock.broadcast, and if you have it, you will get the messages!

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    Neat idea...

    I'll try to put this together, but I haven't much experience with reading and writing to non-config files.
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    I'd donate to this if progress was shown.

    I love this concept.
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    Functionality very similar to this (although not exactly the same) can already be accomplished with a combination of GriefAlert (with broadcasts on, logging disabled), LogBlock (or similar, for more robust logging and rolling back) WorldGuard, and HoneyPot.
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    thanks fysics, im currently using LogBlock, and i see your point, there are certainly vary similar plugins to this, but no plugins I could find, actually use decoys to catch their grifers and to make logs. this concept is there, so you can ensure that the blocks being greifed count as griefing.
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    I might be able to give this a try... if fishrock won't. Well depends if I can get my own plugins finished :p.
    BTW it says "im only 15 I can afford to pay for things."
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    I'm going to start on it as soon as I get some stuff sorted out in one of my current projects. :p Which means, hopefully on friday.

    Edit: Idea: /db search <playername>
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    Should this run on CB 1337+ or CB 15xx+?

    (I won't be supporting the old config, just FYI.)
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    15xx+ plz, 1.0.0 is where miecraft servers are manily hosting right now, including mine
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    You would, would you? What exactly do you mean by "shown"?

    ..Progress is being made. It is currently writing to and reading from two data files nicely. (List of decoys and a log of decoy breaks.) Working on adding in all the requested functionality at this point. (Currently trying to get /db restore to work properly.)

    This is the first time I've ever dealt with .dat files and serialization, so I'm pretty stoked about this working (seemingly) well.
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    Thanks a ton Fishrock123, you have no idea how much this means to me =)
    Edit: Im searching for every comment you made, and pressing "Like". I would toatally donate if I could =P but the only way a could would be if you gave me your adress and i mailed money to you.... but you probably dont wana share those details with me =D. Anyways THANKS SO MUCH
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    NO. STOP. For pete sake stop spamming my notifications!
    EDIT: Thank you for... stopping.

    Also, restore now works, more progress.
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    Configurable punishments are working!

    Currently you can Kill, Jail, Kick, Ban, or IPBan whoever breaks a specified amount of blocks.

    You can set up to 3 detection levels.

    Example: 3 decoy breaks = Jail, 4 = Kick, 5 or > (more) = Ban.

    Commands are currently /db <decoys, log, restore, save, reload, clear (log)>

    Decoys are set and removed via right-click from a stick, and placing a log after you have used /db log will allow per-block log viewing.

    ..Alpha or Beta coming soon.
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    Haven't worked on it since pre-christmas, but I'll release an alpha version real soon.

    Freeze and Teleport will not be functioning, but Jail, Ban, IPBan, and Kill punishments will be. There are 3 punishment threshold levels that are configureable.

    Also, save data (.dat) may not be as efficient as possible yet.

    Good loading and saving performance with the necessary amount of decoys to be effective is not really guaranteed.
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    It's not impossible, nor is it even easy. I would say use Spout for packet manipulation, meaning, no Spoutcraft required, send a packet saying "place Diamond Block decoy at x, y, z" and upon breaking it, log the event, and add 1 to like a limiter or something. So then when the limiter hits 5, it'll alert everyone in the server, and ban the person.

    However, there are probably other means. Fishrock123 from what I see is working on one without the use of Spout. Go Fishrock123 :3
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    The only use I have for spout is making highlighting entities for admins to see where the decoys are... otherwise, I don't see why all the spout-talk?

    ALPHA has been published!

    BukkitDev Project Page: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/decoyblocks/

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    Hey Flaming, it's coco. I just have a quick question. Is the server down? I can't seem to get on it anymore because there is no connection, it's been down for over a month I think O.O

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