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    Plugin category: Mechanics/General

    Suggested name: CustomFood or FoodService maybe?

    What I want: Looking for a plugin that can set custom food healing amounts to food items.
    Somewhat similar to the FoodControl plugin but with extra features.
    This would all be done via config file, you would specify the name of the food item and optionally its data value and then set the amount of hunger that item gives when eaten.
    I want to be able to add multiple types of the same item(Ex: Mushroom_soup is 4 hunger but Mushroom_soup:5 is 6 hunger)
    Allow for custom saturation.
    In-game command for setting the hunger values

    Ideas for commands:
    None unless the optional in-game command is done.

    Then perhaps /customfood set [held/itemid:DV] [heal-amount]
    using the held value would make it affect the item you're holding only
    using the itemid:DV would globally set the amount for that item.

    Ideas for permissions:
    If the command is put in then

    When I'd like it by: No time frame, sometime around early-mid December would be great though.

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