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    Suggested name: Not to picky about this. But ideas... ULU (Ultimate level up), LevelUpXD
    lol all I got

    What I want:
    The aspects of this plugin will be pretty complex but super awesome. This plugin is some what similar to mcMMO. But players have the choice to allocate points to the certain skill they want to. Player should also join with about 15 skill points to allocate to any skill. Leveling up skills should also come with boost similar to mcMMO. Players also need a way for gaining more skill points so I had an idea such as... Maybe purchasing them with money? If so please support vault or iConomy.

    Example configuration:
    Skill-Points-Joined-With: 15
    Cost-Per-Skill: 100
    Max-Amount-Of-Skill-Points-Per-Skill: 15
        Unarmed: enabled
        Swordsmanship: enabled
        Fishing: enabled
                LEATHER_BOOTS: 10 # 10 being chance!
    # The numbers being the level required to repair the item.
            Leather: 1
            Wood: 1
            Stone: 5
            Iron: 10
            Diamond: 15
    Skills and boosts based on leveling: All the skills are based on levels, higher they are the more they happen.

    - Unarmed = Does more damage and higher chance of critical hits when based on level.

    - Swordsmanship = Does more damage and highers the chance of causing target to bleed and/or knockback based on level.

    OPTIONAL ---- Axes = Does more damage on mobs/players with axes or something else... Not sure what this should do yet

    - Acrobats = Takes less damage from falling based on chance.

    - LumberJack = When hits max can make the whole tree come down, timber, but with some sort of protection so it doesn't happen to buildings.

    - Mining - Double drops from stone and ores based on levels.

    - Fishing = Raises chances of catching other things then fish based on levels.

    - Repair = Alike mcMMO's repair method! Look at example config above :D

    - Herbalism and Excavation = Double drops from gravel/sand/dirt based on levels.

    - Archery = Highers the damage on bulls eyes and just in general! Meaning when hit in the head does more damage! MorePhysics does this.

    - Other skills alike mcMMO

    Ideas for commands:
    /skills - will bring up menu:
    Skill points not allocated to skills: 14 = 14 points that are free to use on allocation.
    /skills allocate [skillname] [amount]
    You allocated 4 skill points to unarmed!

    /skills dislocate [skillname] [amount]
    You dislocated 4 skill points for unarmed!

    /skills buy [amount] - Cost depends on configuration.

    /skills reload - reloads the config

    Ideas for permissions:
    Not necessary but could help other servers!

    When I'd like it by: No rush
  2. Why isn't there a Bowman class?
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    Archery :O Same thing XD
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    I want this!
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    Hahah yes so do I :D
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    Why not just use McMmo? I mean if you don't have a reason not to use it, you should.
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    I do use it... But this is something new :D And a bit more unique and to whom ever may consider making this I would reward that person dearly :D
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    McMMO here and there and here and there - we have alternatives, goddamit
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    Haha yeah we could say mcmmo is a bit over used.
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    I am a second follower of this plugin. :3
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    Damm is there a line?
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    I would prefer a leveling system compared to FO3 (that sounds like what you are suggesting).
    In essence the leveling experience would go:

    Start at a low level in all skills (0 or 1), and you increase skills by reaching the next level/rank.
    Everything you do that would gain you XP in mcMMO, gains you a general total XP in this system.

    You can allocate 7 skill points each level, and the XP amounts between levels raises at a curve.
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    Oh. Then good luck!
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    Thanks :D
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    Sounds like a great/awesome idea!
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    no kahl I'm not really impressed.this is almost excackly like McMmo i like mcmmo better too.
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    :( This is better and more unique! Give it a chance :(
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    Umm,sounds interesting,i get working on it.
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    I like this.
    I currently use mcMMO on my server, but I think my players would prefer the standard RPG-skill-points approach.
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    As I've said give a greak with mcMMO. There ARE alternatives.
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    Also like this.
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    Cool,working on the Acrobatics skill (now testing the plugin) =)

    How would the acrobatics decrease the fall damage?

    Currently: Round(Damage*(1-(DamageModifierPerLevel*PlayerAcrobaticsLevel)))

    DamageModifierPerLevel = 0.1 (changeable in the config)

    Better idea?

    Good news: LumberJack,Acrobatics,Herbalism done.
    'When hits max can make the whole tree come down, timber, but with some sort of protection so it doesnt happen to buildings.'

    LumberJack's tree feller has a chance to activate on breaking a wood block.
    On activate it will explode the tree like in mcMMO.
    But no idea how i could make it to not explode a wall of wood that made by a player =(

    Now a little break ( going to play on PS3 ;) )

    Edit:Can you rewrite the skills with more more details? Would make the developing faster. =)

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    Check was it grown or placed?
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    Hm there are quite a few plugins out there maybe I could link you to a plugin source that could do this? That may help right? :D

    I like this idea! :D It may be possible but slightly.
    Hm there are quite a few plugins out there maybe I could link you to a plugin source that could do this? That may help right? :D

    I rewrote the skills for you a bit to. :D

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    Actually this idea is already done by a server called Mine4Treak

    Custom level/experience system + custom combat system (Magic, Physical, Caos Damage) + spout UI integration, added new items (Swords and stuff) and new mobs (With a new spawning mechanic) (Mobs are stronger by the distance you are away the cities)

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    Spout :( But that's really interesting.
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    I think i will use up mcMMO's source for most skills.
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    Good idea :D
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    Okay,so did the tree felling like in mcMMO,looks good.
    Did a little class for saving blocks for not getting double drops again again and again.
    It can get really big because it saving to a yml file in format:
    - world,-269,68,-192
    Someone have better idea for saving placed blocks?
    mcMMO's is really complicated =S

    Going to sleep ^^ (Here 2:33AM)
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