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    Hi, we were wondering if anyone would be willing to make a custom Fallout gun mod, we want about 12-15 guns, 2-3 different ammunition types for each gun, and attachments, i.e. Silencers, Scopes, etc.

    Possible Commands:
    /attach (Gun name; i.e. 10mmPistol) (attachment; i.e. Silencer)
    /changeammo (Ammo type; i.e. Overcharged) (Gun name; LaserRifle)

    Keep in mind we have a VERY BIG server

    So you will be advertised and will be given tons of credit

    Also I am willing to pay a maximum of $20.


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    Sounds to me like you want a plugin? Just so you know, a plugin can't have guns, silencers, or anything along those lines unless it is using Spout. You might be able to create a Mod, but that requires everybody in the server having the mod installed if they want the ability to actually use the guns.

    This would also require AudioMod if you want silencers to sound like silenced shots or AK47s to sounds like an actual AK47.
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    I know that much, and we will add spout and such if needed, we just would like this to be made. I can get the audio and make all our members include the mod
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    Colbine I am just gonna let you know that it is extremely difficult to pull off xP, I have been working on my guns for months and just finished the first one last week. So I would say that if you want guns, use the mod. Otherwise who ever you get to code is in for one hell of a rough time.
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    No takers?
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    Like I said, its an extremely difficult thing to do. It will take who ever wants to do it alot of work, took me about 2 months to get just the pre-work for it done.

    Finally completed my guns, it will be implemented in The Vault RP (The Original Fallout Server) and on my friends server Quarantine (A Zombie Survival Server), you can see Images here but this plugin is private and if you really would like this I may consider selling it. **Requires Spout**​

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    You can NOT sell it.
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    Alright, I wasnt really planning on it anyway xD
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    I am not a modder etc, but I think I may understand Spout well enough to do the base idea. You would have to temporarily retexture a usually unused item, that when right clicked on a player, would do a certain amount of damage. You would also have to make it so a sound activates when the item is right clicked. I am waiting to be white-listed on this server, but have been accepted.
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    This plugin is basically impossible. I have been working on it for 6 months now and I have yet to figure out how to do it. Everytime I impliment the plugin to test it out, it basically ruins the server because it causes it to lag and crash and then take a while to put back up. Anybody willing to do this plugin has a lot of time and effort on their hands, especially for a measly 20 bucks. I'd say just to make a server mod and make everyone install it or just dont worry about it at all. A good substitute would be WorldGuard in my opinion.
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    Says who?

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