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Is this plugin a good idea?

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    I am looking for a plugin that automatically restarts the server if there is a crash. It should also include a error reporter if possible, so you can find out what caused the error. If someone would make this for me, I would greatly appreciate it.
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    I don't think this is possible since the "plugin" would have to be external of the server otherwise when it crashes the pluign won't be enabled to restart it also it's called a crash for a reason the server has died and gone to server heaven only way to get it back is to get a defibrilator and shock it back to life :D
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    Is there any other way of doing this? Like a .bat file that runs possibly?
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    Yes, you would need to launch the server through some kind of a program to watch and restart it if it crashes, a better place to look would be the minecraft forums.
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    Yeah i wrote a batch file that does this. Lemme see if I can write it again
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    Why not using this? It works like charm on my server.
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    I made a lil bat file for this. Let me know if it works


    How it works (er.. how to use it)
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    If you have craftbukkit.jar in your folder, it should ask you if you want auto-restart (1), or manual (2).
    • Auto Restart means that when craftbukkit.jar stops, it'll wait 2 seconds, then start it again automatically
      • you'll have to close the window to stop craftbukkit from restarting
    • Manual Restart means that when craftbukkit stops, it'll give you the choice of either restarting(2) or closing(1).
    Also, if you type in an invalid response, the window will close. NBD.


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