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    i need a fairly simple plugin that basically gives a local message to the user who types a certain command.

    so you create a command in the plugin config and then a message for that command. lets say:
    command: /test
    message: 'For testing purposes.'

    so when a user types /test in game a local message is delivered saying 'For testing purposes.'

    1. Unlimited configurable commands
    2. a configurable message for every command
    3. permissions - So that certain groups/users have access to certain commands (cm.<command>)
    4. colour - &(abcde0123456789) for different colours
    5. multiline - # for new line
    6. prefix - so when the message pops up in game it has a name before it like [Name] (also support colour)
    7. support for most chat plugins (herochat, ichat etc.)
    thanks :)
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    isnt there a command in essentials that does something like what you want? ping -pong?
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    yes but i cant do anything with it as far as i know :(

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