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    Plugin category: [Admin]

    Suggested name: CommandLogger
    What I want: I want a plugin that if i run it it will make a folder called CommandLogger inside the plugins folder. And in there there is a file called log.yml AND IT SHOWS you all the commands players have typed (NOTHING ELSE). I would like it as light weight as possible

    Ideas for commands:
    /clearlog - Clear the log.YML File

    Ideas for permissions:
    commandlogger.clear.log - Clear the log.yml from CommandLogger Folder
    When I'd like it by: Before Monday
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    This would be classy. But if the plugin does this automatically it should detect it and disable that for the plugin that already logs it.
    Maybe a MySQL server so it's less resource intensive?
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    Infact only log commands From OPS. And no i dont like MySQL. I have lots of ram allocated to my server so it doesnt matter. Do you think you can do it

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