[REQ] CLOCK-IN / CLOCK-OUT! Track people's in-game time played.

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by JD DeGaetano, Sep 17, 2011.

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    JD DeGaetano

    I have a server with roughly 700 registered members. I try to keep a tight grip on staff, and making sure they are active, helping, and getting stuff done.

    I'd like to have a plugin that could track when a person enters the game and when they leave.


    JohnnyAdmin entered game on Saturday, Sept 17 at 10:25Am.
    Stayed on server for 35mins, left game on Saturday, Sept 17 at 11:eek:0Am.

    Also, I think it'd be cool to create a spreadsheet for all of this,
    so I could check the spread sheet for each date and time the player exited and entered.

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    I will do this for you, though I may not be able to get it in a spreadsheet but maybe a database or formatted text file like this:
    18/09/2011 - JohnnyAdmin Joined- 7:08PM
    18/09/2011 - JohnnyAdmin Left - 7:48PM
    18/09/2011 - JohnnyAdmin - 40 mins
    18/09/2011 - TehRandomGuy Joined- 8:08PM
    18/09/2011 - TehRandomGuy Left - 8:28PM
    18/09/2011 - TehRandomGuy - 20 mins
    If I put it in a database, I would make some kind of PHP script or something to show the data.

    EDIT: And I assume it would use the server time right?
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    JD DeGaetano

    :D Yay! Thank you so much! A text file will do just fine!
    It'd be cool if we could set a timezone perhaps, instead of using server time.
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    What is status on this one.
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    JD DeGaetano

    It was never made. :/

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