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    oh...good point. although i guess someone was dumb on my server. i told them to type .up 5 to see if they had a hacked client and they kept saying ,up 5 and then they finally admitted,gave me their stuff,and quit. and then i bannd him :3
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    No it hasn't. CFBanner works by interfacing with a feature that was built into the client mods, so that servers could selectively disable the mods. This feature was added to the client mods specifically so a plugin like this could come about. It only works because the client mods respect a small message from the server to disable themselves. There are several other client hacks that do not respect those messages.
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    No anti-cheating method is perfect. Congratulations, now let's move on.

    Is it possible for the server to hash-check the client, or have an independent application hash check the client, and kick the client if it doesn't match a list of approved checksums? Such a thing would eliminate all of the amateur hackers I've ever met.
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    too easy to get around, ie when the server asks for the hash of the file(s) they just have a folder with the legit files in it and send the hash of those instead, even a noob would get around that
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    That may be true, but a certain percentage of the noobs would not. I think such a plugin or program should also avoid letting the client choose which folder to send the hash from.
  6. Why not extract the .jar then look for predefined .class names (fex: mod_XRay.class) then display player's name and class files to console?
    We're going to make our own launcher that will check player's client for cheats. This will take much time but the time will come and we will have our own anti-cheat system. That's what you need. And nobody could hack this - because it would work like "premium": logged in with our launcher? Then you're logged in into system. When not then you will see "User is not premium".
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    Not possible. Let's move on shall we?

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