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    hello everybody i was wondering if there could be other vreatures in minecraft of course they would be npc's. if you were mining undergorund you might find a dwarf fortress, or if your in a forest the could be forest people, you might see a huge tower in the distance a wizard tower(maybe using a plugin i requested earlier http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/req-bettermagic.31997/) and mybe you might find a small town with walls or near the sea you might find pirates. if someone did make this it would be fun and even when minecraft 1.8 comes out it would still be fun. if someone is interested like this thread and add ideas if you wish. And yes I know this would be extremely hard.
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    Your best bet would be Citizens. It's been in development since the beginning of March and it's the only NPC plugin available. They are working out the bugs of the user-defined NPC's, then after that they will look into auto-generated NPC's. Based on what I've gathered with a conversation with one of the authors, they are holding off till 1.8 comes out, cause then NPCs will be a default functionality, and they wont have to use hacky workarounds.

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