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    Last thread i made was taken down without warning or even a message as to why, so I guess i take it privately.

    Paying Big Bucks (contact for information cause apparently bukkit is being sticklers about it i guess?) for a plug-in that lets people sit/lay down where they want (contact for details again for same reason) and lets everyone in multiplayer see them sitting and laying.

    If you're looking for grande mucho dinero, stick before mentioned plug-in on top of another one (contact for details... cause i dont want this thread deleted for no reason either) and u get ur grande mucho dineros (contact for details).
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    This can't be done with a Bukkit plugin. You need a Spout dev.

    Good day to you.
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    Not true, just a bit awkward with plain bukkit/notchcode.
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    Sounds like the person is looking for custom animation - unless you wanted to do some awkward vehicle stuff, what implementation would you suggest?
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    no im not... im simply asking for the animation from laying in a bed or sitting in a minecart/boat/pig/etc

    but if you know how to use spout to get custom animations, u may want to message me about the $200 plugin i want made with this sitting down one in it

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