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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Meganperk, Aug 11, 2011.

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    Recently got a mod that added animations and abilities to keys i could customize in the game (smart movement) and one of said animations was to crawl. This poses a problem in mutliplayer servers because these are custom animations that other players without the mod would be unable to see. But I got to thinking...

    Why can't we sit or lay down to regenerate health slowly?

    We already have the animations for both from the boat and the bed. Why can't we just park our butts down and sit, or lay down where we want. Take a load off and chillax while regaining health.

    It would go great for rp servers to be able to actually sit in your chairs that you created, or for people rping as being sick to be able to pass out. Being able to sit in the stair block-seats might prove to be somewhat of a challenge, but sitting on a wooden or stone slab with signs around it would work great.

    The animations are there, health regeneration has been done many times. I don't get why someone hasn't done this yet. The only one i see come close is one that only lets you sit in specific chairs and currently does not work because of (i'm assuming) a change to arrows from 1.6. A mod to let you sit or lay down anywhere you want with the option to select whether one, the other, or both will generate health would be an awesome idea. If I had more time on my hands, I'd research java and do it myself.
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    you lost me
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    Bumpity bump.

    Nice idea.
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    A Mod that lets you sit where you want (sitting in a boat animation)
    Also lets you lay where you want (lay on a bed animation)
    can also regenerate health over time while sitting/laying down
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    Contact ChairCraft ;) See if he'll add in healing, although with 1.8 health regen is done with food already...
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