[REQ] Change/Steal Skins ingame

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Mitcheel, Nov 7, 2011.

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    [REQ] Skin Stealer.

    A Plugin that makes you STEAL Only the skin, not the Name or Items or something, Just only the Skin image and that shows it to all Players online on the server. so as example
    /Stealskin Notch And /Setskin [Name] [Notch]

    My Girlfriend is "testing" minecraft on my server. And doesnt really know for sure if she's gonna buy the Full game. And she is crying about the default skin. She's playing on a cracked server so she cant change her skin..

    Someone help me out!
  2. Not possible without a client mod (spout + spoutcraft)
    But she sees other skins, don't she? Also she could play with your account to see other skins in action. And how will she get the server admin to install spout + this plugin?
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    Thanks for the info, Yes she sees other peoples skin, and alot people are having a real Minecraft account and can use their own skin, She is the only unoffical Minecraft account and she is a bit jealous Mehh that sounds bitchy

    And another question why are NPC possible without Spout client, they also "steal Skins" but with the name above it right? Correct me if im wrong, im not a developer in plugins ;)
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    Ok I **think** I understand how to resolve this problem. Go into the .minecraft then the bin, then open the jar file with something like WinRAR and search for the character.png. Download a custom skin from the internet and rename it 'character.png'. Delete the character.png and drag over the new custom skin. Im not sure if there is a character.png in there, but I reckon it will be findable, you just need to scroll down or use a search bar. Have not tried it myself, as I don't have a cracked copy (anymore :3) but it could be their.

    Edited due to a bit of mistake in the steps
  5. Because they don't steal the skin, they steal the players name. The minecraft client downloads the skin corresponding to the players name this is only changeable with a client mod (spoutcraft). In theory such a plugin (which makes a player to another one) is possible (and I'm working on it, it's called "StealIdent").

    This will change the default skin only at this one client, which means for her everybody who uses the default skin will have this "hacked in" skin and others still see the default skin at her.
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    Hmmm... Maybe download a custom texture pack, open it with WinRAR, go into mobs and change the character.png in that then save it. Drag and drop the texture pack in the texturepacks folder and then you could see yourself wearing that skin whilst using the texture pack. Would that work?
  7. Same:
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    You can use Mineshafter to change skin for cracked servers!!!!!!! but i dunno how to get it too work
  9. @haws1290: Every user on the server will have to have the "client proxy" from http://mineshafter.appspot.com/instructions running to see the skin.

    //EDIT: This is btw the method I would never use. This could steal your minecraft username and password for example! Then better use spout + spoutcraft.
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    There is a simple solution for Mitcheel's problem: BUY THE GAME!
    I still don't really get it why people spend 60€ on shit-games which you finish in some hours and on the other side don't pay 15€ to support someone who really deserves the money...
    And to cry because you use and illegal version and because of that have a different skin is .... ehm....eeeh.... stupid?!
  11. Well, I played cracked, too but then buyd the game...
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    works with npc's? :D
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    Mehh already bought it for her. :)
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