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    I was wondering if someone could make a plugin for buying houses? Like for example, you put a sign saying [BuyHouse] and [SellHouse] to either buy or sell the home. Each sign was assigned to a certain space. This would also integrate with iConomy. So you would right click the sign to preform each action. What also this can do is use like the Wand from WorldEdit to select the property space, or something of that nature. Please let me know. I think this would be really helpful to a lot of servers.


    When you want to buy a house:

    When you want to sell a house:
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    I'm pretty sure there is a plugin that allows you to sell WorldGuard areas, and if you have WorldEdit, you most likely have WorldGuard. You should probably look though the Plugin Releases and the Plugin Submissions sections.

    Actually, you should just click here.

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    @Kohle lol i like your link to let me google that for you

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