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    Name: Mob Morph (Custom coded plugin for EvilMobBox) (IP: mc.evilmobbox.net)

    I am requesting a plugin that allows you to morph into special mobs, You the client cannot see yourself as the mob but each mob has special features. The command is /morph *Name* and here are the mobs you can morph into

    About me: My IGN is Assassinator980 and I own an Australian server called EvilMobBox, We are making another server which will be PvP and we want a morphing plugin for people with special ranks and/or donator ranks.

    Healing Cow: /Morph Cow, Walking over long grass allows you to eat it, Heals anyone within a 5 block radius in every direction 1 food bar every 5 seconds, This cow is also unaffected by the constant drainage of food,

    Crazy Wolf: /Morph Wolf, Walking over Grass allows you to gain your food, Sprinting then jumping towards a person nstantly taking 5 hearts and drops pieces of Rotten flesh which you auto-eat and heal 2 hearts per piece (To attack a person costs 5 Food)

    Loving Bacon Pig: /Morph Pig, Turns you into a pig, Right clicking activates Crazy Bacon and spawns 5 pigs around you (Can only use this once a minute) and drains all food, Walking over long grass heals you and destroys the Long grass, If someone hits you, Your health restores twice as fast as a normal person

    FInally, Chicken of Death: /Morph Chicken, Left click to throw an egg that when it lands it damages 5 Hearts of damage to anyone within 5 blocks of the egg (Can only use this once every 30 seconds), Right clicking on seeds/Pumpkins/Melons allows you to forage for different items and seeds (Configurable), Also, Walking over long grass heals you and destroys the long grass

    On all mobs, When you walk over the Long Grass it will destroy it healing half a point of food,

    More commands: /Morph reload (Reloads & Unmorphs everyone)
    /Morph version (Version number, Made for EvilMobBox Etc.)

    Permissions: The permissions should use GroupManager or if that isn't possible any other permissions system is fine such as BPermissions (Preferred if GM is not possible)


    If anyone is willing to take the challenge of this plugin, Please msg me and I will give you further details

    How much could I pay you? I could pay around $100+ For this plugin and as well as that you will have full access to the plugin

    Thanks for reading this, There are a few more features that I also want in there and so either add me on Skype or PM Me (Skype: liam.edwards981)

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    Hi everyone, I also wanted to say you would be get a "Coder" Rank if you can code me this plugin, If you want to help add liam.edwards981 on Skype
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    I know, I want a plugin similar to MObDiguise with special features like this that doesn't need spout and stuff like that. That's why I am requesting it

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