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    A person is randomly chosen out of the people that type a command like: /bmt join, they get a random word out of a list of pre-defined words that the server hoster can change, and he has to build what the word is telling him to build, and when someone guesses the word, it chooses someone else.

    You can leave the game with: /bmt leave, and the admin can start a game with /bmt start and end it with /bmt stop.

    You need to create an arena where they need to build in first, though, maybe easily selected with WorldEdit, they make the arena, and name it with /bmt create NAMEHERE, and you can delete one with /bmt remove NAMEHERE, and list the arena's with /bmt list.

    That's my idea for a [FUN] plugin, it's kinda the same as in the GMOD gamemode.
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    Do you want permissions?

    Edit: I am adding a feature that will allow admins to deny certain users from using the plugin.

    I also have a promo for you!
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    That is GREAT!
    And yes, it would be nice to have permissions for admins to create games, and for normal people to jon and leave games.

    Something like:

    - bmt.create
    - bmt.remove
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    ok so far what I have done is have a config file setup where you enter all the words you want, default is 3, and java runs a randomInt on it. I changed the output on all of it to be a bit smoother too. I even have a dev build up.

    when creator does /bmt new

    when the creator finds a good word and accepts it announces this to the public

    And here is the dev build. The build has no gameplay on it. You can just check the progress and see if you like it. I also have my custom permissions class in there too just need to configure it yet, but thats last.

    Admin sets ""arena"" coords via /bmt admin local1 and local2 and it's from bedrtock to sky
    Admin then does /bmt admin spawn - sets spawn duh.
    the creator is then teleported there and given a X amount of time to prep, configurable to instant start.
    players are tp'd there to by /bmt join. and all other outgoing msg's are nulled and not sent unless they leave.
    And lastly /bmt global settime 8pm - sets my alarm clock back to 8pm and nulls school. :)

    send me a list of words and I'll import them, and setup definitions too (dictionary.com ftw)
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    I'll give you a list of words later, and also, is it going to have recogniseable words?
    Like, if someone says: Pickaxe, while the word is Pickaxe, it gives him the victory?
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    actually I was going to ask about that. I can do it in two ways.
    I can have it query what the player says like "Is it a pickaxe" or just type "bmt pickaxe" Or I can make it configurable from the config file.

    got it finished somewhat...
    **School bell rings**

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    I think it would be better and easier to have "Is it a pickaxe?"
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    or just add a command like this /bmt guess WORD
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    lol... I actually had this in the post then I removed it because I thought that it was to redundant to type /bmt guess pickaxe or /bmt guess bucket on every attempt to guess.
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    lols well that makes it lots easier then someone needs to type that guy wons with command
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    This guy does it.

        public void onPlayerChat(PlayerChatEvent event){
            Player player = event.getPlayer();
            String message = event.getMessage();
            message = message.toLowerCase();
            //plugin.logger.info("[IceBox] PlayerChatEvent.message => [" + message + "]");
            if(message.contains(Config.prefixGuess) && message.contains(Commands.globalWord))
                player.getServer().broadcastMessage(ChatColor.GOLD + "The Word has been guessed!");
                player.getServer().broadcastMessage(ChatColor.GOLD + Commands.initializer + " " + "guessed the word" + " " + ChatColor.GOLD + Commands.globalWord + " " + ChatColor.GOLD + "correctly!");
                Commands.running = false;
    oops... I kinda screwed it up, and bad. real bad. BUT I thought of a better way to handle the events.

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