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    Hi guys,
    I need a sign-based bounty hunt plugin:
    by creating a bounty sign you will lose a certain amount of money (which will be used as a reward), the player who will accept the bounty will pay a certain amount of money to the owner and will try to complete the bounty, by right cliking on the sign. the amount of money the hunter will pay will be relative to the amount of money offered buy the man who set the bounty. if the hunter dies during the hunt, he will have to go to the sign and and re-accept it. after a player finished the bounty hunt the sign will destroy itself.
    Additional stuff:
    1. iConomy support
    2. Permissions support

    here is the syntax :

    Line 1:<mob name>
    Line 2:<amount needed to hunt>
    Line 3:<reward><currency>
    Line 4:<item reward id (optional)><amount>

    for example

    100 coins

    that means that the mission is to kill 10 zombies, the reward is 100 coins and 64 dirt.

    thanks :D
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    can anyone make this kind of plugin?
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    Ask the maker of HeroBounty ;)

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