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    The problem with RedStone is that you cant compact your circuitry as the RedStone continues to link together. Simple circuits have to be separated by a block or you have to use repeaters thus delaying your signals.

    The solution is to bring in BlueStone.

    My proposal is to allow players to use Lapis Lazuli as the source of BlueStone. BlueStone operates the same as RedStone. BlueStone connects power to the same items as redstone, including redstone torches, pistons and doors... etc.
    The difference is BlueStone is a separate wire. Allowing the player to lay BlueStone directly alongside RedStone without connecting to it. Also a intersection block would be nice allowing the player the cross-over a RedStone wire without connecting to it.
    To increase functionality a connecting block, like a repeater would be required. A connecting block would allow BlueStone to connect to RedStone. Suggesting some like:

    x R x
    B G B
    x R x

    x - nothing
    B - BlueStone
    R - RedStone
    G - Gold Ingot

    Required blocks:
    - Same as RedStone except blue.... :D
    - Crossover block. - Where BlueStone intersects RedStone but does not join.
    - Connectors - Connecting RedStone and BlueStone


    Bring on EVEN smaller computers!
    Oh and maybe need a blue flower for dyes??? Meh...
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    read the stickies, plugins cannot add custom blocks. Lapis Lazuli is a item, and cannot be placed. Either call it a client mod or suggest using different blocks. I don't want to be mean, but the forum gets messy when there are more requests that cannot be fulfilled than those that can.
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    Sorry to be mean.... but read the title.
    "Spout required mod". Spout has the capability to create new blocks. As can be seen here:

    Also there is a new (and already slightly outdated post)
    [READ FIRST] What can plugins actually do (using Spout)?
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    Got it?...
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    It is now possible to create new blocks with dev builds of Spout (a friend of mine made a marble texture that looks quite nice in game). Giving the block behaviors, such as transmitting power, it a bit further down the line.
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    Good to know, now I have evil plans on making very evil blocks on my server >:)

    :( my :mad:that was typed as > : ) became >:)

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    If anybody's interested, I'm making this a client mod as we speak. (although it will be Greenstone, so not to be confused with Lapis) Won't be done for a while though because as I get further into this, I see how complex it will actually be.
    Having this info, I can almost guarantee you will never be able to do this with Spout. Too many things to add/change.
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    Kewl :). And yeah, it would be very tedious to make this with spout
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    Tedious? Try impossible. (I'm assuming so)
    There's too many files redstone goes through to do this. Heck, I'm having trouble doing it with a client mod! (although I've never actually made a client mod before)

    I've managed to make a green type of redstone, however it makes redstone AND greenstone green. Making it keep redstone red, but greenstone green is really kicking my butt. I know I have to add my method renderBlockGreenstoneWire() somewhere in this mess, but I don't understand this code:
        public boolean renderBlockByRenderType(Block blockint iint jint k)
    int l block.getRenderType();
    != != != 13 != != 19 != != != != != != != != 10 != 11 != 12 != 14 != 15 != 16 != 17 != 18 != 20 != 21 ModLoader.RenderWorldBlock(thisblockAccessijkblockl) : func_35923_a((BlockFenceGate)blockijk) : func_35929_i(blockijk) : func_35922_a((BlockPane)blockijk) : renderPistonExtension(blockijktrue) : renderPistonBase(blockijkfalse) : renderBlockRepeater(blockijk) : renderBlockBed(blockijk) : renderBlockLever(blockijk) : func_35925_a((BlockFence)blockijk) : renderBlockStairs(blockijk) : renderBlockMinecartTrack((BlockRail)blockijk) : renderBlockDoor(blockijk) : renderBlockLadder(blockijk) : renderBlockRedstoneWire(blockijk) : renderBlockFire(blockijk) : renderBlockTorch(blockijk) : func_35930_l(blockijk) : renderBlockCrops(blockijk) : renderBlockReed(blockijk) : renderBlockCactus(blockijk) : renderBlockFluids(blockijk) : renderStandardBlock(blockijk);
    I know that if I replace renderBlockRedstoneWire() with my method renderBlockGreenstoneWire(), everything will turn green. But somehow I need it to turn BlockRedstoneWire RED and BlockGreenstoneWire GREEN.

    Notice in this image how GREENSTONE (on the right) is still red. You can tell it is greenstone because of the green particle effects. renderBlockRedstoneWire() turns them both red.
    (Redstone is on the left, Greenstone is on the right. Greenstone isn't support to be red. At this time, Greenstone still connects to Redstone.)
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    Well you would have to thoroughly duplicate every Redstone class/method/object. I'm not quite sure how redstone works in vanilla MC though.
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    That's essentially what I'm doing, although the effects like particles and color isn't like that.
    Nevermind. I had/have like 10 minutes before I go to school, and while I was brushing my teeth, the answer occured to me. So I got on the computer real quick and fixed it:
    Now, I'm off to school.
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    I find your lack of faith... disturbing. Yes, rendering of a redstone lookalike will require code on the client, but Spout will be launching our Spoutcraft SP API in mere weeks.
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    :O! Yay! is this the first mention of it's release or is there a discussion somewhere?
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    Oh, excuse me. I completely forgot about the client API. My apologies for the lack of thinking on my part :|
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    You'll know when it releases. :)
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    You give me great hope!

    Congrats on the Greenstone glow. Hope you consider using spout eventually... ;)
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    Lol thanks. Now Greenstone Torches are giving me issues with the texture in hand not displaying correctly. >.>

    Excellent! Can't wait!

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    Quick question, why are you adding Greenstone torches?

    Why not power them from redstone torches? The true use of another type of colour wire is the ability to shrink our circuits.
    Just curious.
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    Well if greenstone is separate from redstone, I don't see why redstone torches shouldn't be separate too. Although now that I think about it, there are several cases when you would NEED 1 torch to power both.. Hmm.
    You have a point. Bai bai greenstone torch :(

    I suppose now the next order of business is to make the two types of wires not connect. I can't find the class(es) that control it though :|
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    I guarantee you will be able to do this with spout, you'd just need to implement your own redstone calculations.
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    I actually got very far into the client mod, but the calculations were the problem. They confuzzled me, and I really didn't see how they were done
  24. how far are you with it?
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    I get that @DrAgonmoray is making this but I think I will start on a Spout version after I am done with the current plugins that I am developing (one of which I am at a stand still on the last thing). I should be able to start this in, at the most, a week.
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    You Sir, Just earned +1000 Internetz!
    Thank you.
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    I can't start on this right away because Spout doesn't like me. I am going to have to wait until the client for 1.0.0 comes out before I start. It keeps giving me the Spout "white screen of death" no matter what I do.

    @Lock add me on Skype to go over the fine details of this: Jogy341

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