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    Hello everybody if any of you have played terraria you would have seen a blood moon when zombies spawn more and can open doors so i was thinking that on a random night all the zombies become stronger and have more health, can break blocks like glass and wood and open doors and them spawn more. This plugin would be good to make minecraft a little harder. If the player had spoutcraft the moon could turn red as well
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    Allready made for SSP, look for it in the official forums and beg some ppl to make it smp compatible!
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    there is also zombiecraft by the venerable Dr BoweNur...it pretty much has you covered other than the red sky/moon and random nights/starts. he is in the middle of a re-write at this point, so you might consider popping into the thread and making some suggestions. i think he is planning to add spout support so the red sky/moon would be easy for him to implement if he likes the idea. the current beta is a riot, despite some minor bugs, and is totally playable...you should check it out.
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