[REQ]Block' Creatures-Mobs Made of Blocks!

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Tony Xu, Jun 15, 2011.

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    Tony Xu

    Everyone knows that Mo' Creatures is a super fun mod on ssp, but sadly Mo' Creatures can't run on smp unless the players on the server have the client mod installed.

    But, what about creatures made of blocks? For example, a cyan wool swimming in the water and trying to get you/eat you. A smooth stone block hiding in the caves and hide the ores...A dragon made of a bunch of blocks flying through the sky...Riding a horse made of blocks across the streets!

    It would be cooler if you can tame the Block' Creatures and feed them cookies, apples etc

    I m not sure if this is possible. But I believe it will be a cool plugin to develop


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    Tony Xu

    Hmmm... I thought this is a cool idea
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    Sure someone could do it, but it'd be a huge plugin, and the creatures would still look quite stupid, warping towards you one block at a time. Remember it is not possible to twist blocks nor move them "smoothly". (Latter may change with release of pistons in official minecraft, maybe)
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    i might do this i have a ai for this that currently controls one block
    check it out here use /makeblock <id> currently no permission support
    tell me if you want changes in the ai
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    Like the mob types in custom classic servers?
    Would look silly in Beta with half the mobs animated, and the other half moving block by block...
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