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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Wambo, Feb 28, 2011.

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    Would it be possible to make a plugin which has the possibility to blacklist items for certain user groups? We want to use this in addition to iConomy, because as long as everyone can craft stairs and chests, no one will buy them from the carpenter. Sadly most people don't stick to the rules if they are not forced to.

    Thank you for reading and maybe thanks in advance for your efforts!
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    I am also looking for this type of plugin, please let me know if anyone makes one for you.
  3. Bump, this would be really nice!
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    I too would like to blacklist items per groups but I don't want the bulkiness of WorldGuard. hmm. I think I'll just make this then XD
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    Do WorldGuard.. It's not bulky at all, I thought so too until I actually read it.
    It is very good, updated often, and has little or no glitches.
    Get it, there's no point in making a plugin that just does that.
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    What system are you using for user groups? If it's permissions I can probably get to this plugin on the weekend. (If nobody steps up beforehand)
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    I'm implementing the commands now for a lightweight Group Blacklist now. I built the entire core last night and Even included blacklists per group like breakage, placement, and usage and added something to stop tnt that has been been hit. Its basically like worldguard on a diet ^_^

    Here ^_^ http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/se...a-lightweight-group-event-blacklist-531.8935/
    It's still got a couple things to work out but Its good and healthy now :)

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