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Well you make this plugin?

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    Well, I was thinking would it be cool to have bikes in minecraft? My idea is that first you craft wheels 2 of them. I was thinking something like this.


    After you make your wheels i was thinking that you would craft it like this...
    i=iron ingot(the iron being the seat)
    s i s
    w w

    The bike should be faster than walking but, not like a minecart downhill. Maybe about as fast as a horse in moz creatures. The way you should get on/off it is when you right click the ground while holding the bike you hop on it and right click to get off and the bike will go back into inv. The bike could also have fall damage or something like that so if you go jumping off cliffs the bike will break or it could just wear out over time. Another idea custom paint you would craft it like colouring wool.

    I hope this is possible. Please leave any suggestions for the bicycle. Now to wait for a plugin dev to stroll past the post
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    I want this plugin :)
    But you need an Client+Server mod^^
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    Yes requires a client-side mod. :p Too much work really. Notch would probably implement this though.
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    Who can make this Client mod?
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    Really, no one makes client mods. Most people just take care of the server. Client requires too much hackishness.
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    So, if I want this in, Its either to twitter or to mc forums, One more thing how do i make those cool banners that people place as there signatures. Cause im going all out on the mc forums.
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    The banners not sure. Though the bicycles, unless someone willingly makes a client mod AND a lot of people download, it won't work.You're best hope is to have Notch actually implement this in-game. I think he would really. It makes sense, and I can even imagine how it would look like :p

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