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    hello everybody i am making an rpg server for my friends and i and i want a magic plugin that is a bit more dangerous. So it uses a spell book which you have to make using paper and redstone and then you right-click and it flicks through spells and left-click to use but all i seem to see in the magic plugins are arrows, fire, fireballs, and a ring of fire.
    how about other things like:
    • water ball- makes a ball of water around enemy
    • tornado- sucks enemies and items up in a swirling motion
    • speed- makes you faster
    • walls- so a wall of netherrack, or stone
    • morphing- turning into mobs in a puff of smoke
    • magic items like orbs- lightstone is a light orb, iron block fires arrows, gold block fires guast fire balls
    • shield- makes an iron shield in front of you made of iron block and glass at head height
    stuff like this, would look cool in minecraft and i know it would be really hard, but is anybody interested. id so please say and other people have ideas to.

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