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    This is a request for a plugin to better control beacons.
    I feel that if this can be accomplished that not only would my future server benefit, but so would many others who seek to use beacons for aesthetics as well.

    Plugin category: Unsure, [FUN] Maybe?

    Suggested name: BeaconUpgrade/BeaconsPro

    What I want: Is the ability for beacons to be pointed horizontally or downward, preferably horizontally. However, something much more important, in fact rather critical to the plugin's use for my server, is the allowing of beacon beams to either have a set length, or still work with something blocking the skylight value. Let me narrow it down:

    Primary Need - Beacons can shine until stopped by a block, instead of going on indefinitely or turning off when blocked. This will give major architectural advancements in futuristic and alien designs. It looks sexy, it must happen somehow x.x

    Ideas for making it happen, some might not be possible:

    A GUI or config per beacon that limits the length of a beacon's ray.
    Something magical that keeps the beacon on while blocked.

    (suggestions help greatly).

    Secondary Need - Aiming beacons sideways and downward. Someone said "inb4 halo ring" well, that's impossible until these can be made to go sideways and downward. So, someone, somewhere, wants this more than I do. I imagine it'd be simple to implement this, but it'd be useless to have this without the primary, since it'd turn off when blocked.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: No permissions needed, I think.

    When I'd like it by: I'd like replies by today, but the plugin doesn't need to be completed any time soon, as I'm still making the map, however many others might want it "by yesterday" so the sooner the better.

    Please and thank you oh magical devs, and pardon me if my plugin idea is impossible :x
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    I'm pretty sure that this isn't possible, sorry =/
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    Ouch. Any particular reason why? I'll still be waiting for more replies, but I figured it wouldn't be. Beacons are practically useless as they stand, leave it to Mojang to implement something so awesome, yet useless (potions make it rather useless for the price, as I've come to read about).


    Alright, so if the light beam exists, surely it can be manipulated to go sideways? Perhaps not, perhaps that is considered making a new block. However, can the beam not be treated the same as lightning? Lightning can be manipulated by plugins, so surely the beam can too, yes?

    So comes the idea of a plugin that makes a beam between two blocks. Similar to selecting to points and doing /replace air block in world edit, but not with world edit. Or perhaps by adding a GUI to the beacon itself and connecting two beacons (not really connecting them, just making a 'bridge'). More or less, I want light beams between two blocks, a gui helps, a config even. Something, anything, that allows me to make structures that appear to be supported by light :c

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    Some Idea's would be a plugin that makes it so you can Change what potion effects the beacon gives out. then you can have multiple and any tier of effects ex. Poison X (10), Blindness II Jump III
    and also permissions for particular beacons, like if each beacon were given a tag or a name, then you could give players permissions to receive effects. ex. 2 teams each with their own bases and only able to recieve the potion effects while in your base.
    and the time that the beacon gives you the effect. Like maybe you can get 1 Min from the beacon and walk out of the beacons range and still have the effect for a bit

    I think this might be a bit more plausible.
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    chaseoes Retired Staff

    You've seen a plugin that makes lightning go sideways?
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    I believe this would be a mod not a plugin.
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    Yeah currently there really isn't much in the way of modifying beacons. I've looked long and hard, and I can only find CraftBukkit code that even modifies anything involving the beacons (TileEntityBeacon), but you would have to make a brand new class extending it and override the functions, then replace certain beacons (whether through player activation or anytime a beacon is placed..whatever) with the new modified beacon class with special overridden methods. I'm not sure how much can actually be done with this, but if the plugin isn't updated, those beacons that were changed to the modified beacons would no longer work.
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    Thank you for your replies. Perhaps I was mistaken about the lightning, I did some further questioning. In regards to modifying what beacons do, that is truly useless for what I seek to do with it. I'm using beacons for aesthetics.

    Wrist, there were some other ideas involving that, but thank you for your hard work in finding an answer. The ideas I've come up with are in hopes of more reasonable things. If a block's "properties" or a regions properties can be modified, then why not just trick the beacon? The idea is to get the beam to keep going, but not indefinitely. I want it to stop via a wall. Doesn't need to be sideways, just up and down. I am aware of the risk regarding a plugin for beacons, if it were to go without updates, so I'm leaning away from the idea of using it. However, if someone can find a way to make it possible with as little Hell as possible (for the coders or whoever), then I will use it.

    Thanks again y'all, look forward to hearing from you soon.
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    One Word That Might Help: Packets
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    Tested with beautiful block 36, no luck :(
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