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    Plugin category: Anti Grief Tools​

    Suggested name: Automated Block protector​

    A bit about me: I got a small total free server, with creative and survival worlds.​

    What I want: A plugin like the dead BananaProtect(@codename_B), just a simple plugin, that protects the blocks placed by a player, and the option to toggle that protection off, when its off, all placed blocks AFTER that will be destroyable and usable for all the players, and when its on, the blocks AFTER that will be protect, and not affecting the non protected blocks placed before. And of course, permissions for the ADM to break all blocks, protected or not.​
    Also, but not essential, a option to make a block "public" but not destroyable, like a fournace that all players can use, but can't destroy.​
    If theres a other plugin that does it already, please tell me.​

    Ideas for commands:
    • /protect (check if the protection is enabled)​
    • /protecton (toggle the protection ON)​
    • /protectoff (toggle off)​
    • /protectpublic (usable but no destroyable block, ADM only)​
    • /protectadd "name of your friend"​
    • /protectremove "name of your friend"​

    Ideas for permissions:
    • aprotect.destroy: true (OP's only, override the protection of the block)​
    • aprotect.protect: true (Default usable for all the players, let you use the /protect cmds, ON and OFF, check if its ON or OFF, and add/remove friends)​
    • aprotect.public: true (allow to create public blocks)​

    When I'd like it by: Asap, i know this would be useful for many servers/adms.​

    Similar plugin requests: None.​

    Devs who might be interested in this: @TnT @ChrizC @codename_B
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    Yeah there's a new bananaprotect WIP that will be better but no ETA cos I have so many other projects :(
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    Fix the toggle off protection in BananaProtect would take you much time? Or its hard to fix idk.
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    This seems to do that bananaprotect does?

    However it will not do what you want; but it is explained why;

    The reason re-adding someone to the WhiteList, or re-removing them from the BlackList protects their blocks once again is because this plugin handles protection on a per-block basis, and I'm unable to remove all protections for them without burning through a ton of system resources.

    Mabye you can ask the Author to implement it still?
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    Its a good plugin to, thank you for trying to help, but it does almost the same thing the BananaProtect does, and the player can't turn off his protection.
    If @codename_B could fix the /togglep of the BananaProtect to toggle the protection off to all blocks, it would be great, and if he add a option to make a block usable but not destroyable, then it would be PERFECT. Anyway, i asked the author of the DeGriefer to take a look here, and maybe try to implement some of the ideias.
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    None know a plugin that protect blocks and have a option to disable the protection? And allow add friends to destroy and use your protected blocks? (Even if that dont have the public block option). Taking advantage of the post, its possible to create a pool in a already started thread?
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    Joe Gandy

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    Almost, im using it right now while i search for a good one, but the BP sometimes dont protect the blocks, idk why, also it dont protect chests and doors, im using another plugin for that, and, the creator never answered 1 PM, and dont let us comment in the plugin page.
    Thanks for trying help.
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    Still today i cant find a plugin(a working one) that automatically protect the blocks placed by a player...
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    Bump, my last try...I think...
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    I was googling for a plugin like that and i found this topic, my server also need of plugin like that, i used bananaprotect for a long time, but it's dead and the "new version" sux and don't work. I really hope someone make a plugin like that.
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    I requested in the reddit, a guy said he was making it. I hope he does, i will advice you when he finishes.
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    Awesome, could you please provide the link of your request on reddit?

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