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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by SilencShadoW, Nov 1, 2011.

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    Hey Guys,
    i got a big problem, every day at 13:00 my server crash due to out of memory! And day after day ... today i got a nice Idea, would it be able to create a Plugin, which checks the ram usage in % and the TP's from the server and after a configurable value of % ram or TP's or BOTH and init a restart with:
    - kickall
    - save-all
    - stop

    with this high configurable values u can manage ur server easy ... if u got high TP's problems u set the TP value, if u got memory Problems u take memory ... if u got a problem on like ... 14 tps and ... 20% ram u can set the value to 15 tps and 21% ram, under this value the server restart, if u set the condition to both ... its only restart with 14 tp and 20% ram ... and not if ur at 13 tp and 22% ram ... its very nice to config and ur server nerver would crash if ur not there ... like ur working and the server crash ... often happens to me :) !!! Nearly 99% uptime bc a restart not take long!

    Would be nice if i get a feedback, because plugins can: ram check, tp check, initiat commands! Idea based on Vote's restart Vote! And the Lagmeter Plugin!


    Edit: Implementation of Restarts every X Minuts if the server is empty or maybe restart if the server drops Below X Memory if the server is empty, would make the thing very fresh ;)
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    Maybe you like this Plugin?
    It restarts you server periodical and when it's crash.

    Also you should check WHY your Server got's out of memory at 13:00
    It sounds like a task is scheduled to this time. ;)
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    nah its a plugin .. around 13:00 pm the server crash =D i dont know why and which ... -.-"
    and this plugin need full control of the root ... if i rent a server i cant make it work :( my plugin would work without ;)

    I realy realy hope that anyone can build me that plugin ... i think many people would use it bc its so simple but usefull ...... today my server crashed bc of out of memory .. i checked some plugins ... cant figure out which it was ... ... nothing in server log ... this plugin would just restart at 5% ram and gogo :) nothing happen, a server restart just take few secs ... this plugin would be awsm ...
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    Anyone else who want to help me? Right now im at 50% of ram ... it will be drop at 20% in 5 hours ... and after few minutes it will frop to around 5~ ... its the problem with a freebuild server! plz guys ... Just help me ... its not that hart i think because u got from both plugins the src coude ... u just need to fuse both and change a bit ... :(
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    Try taking one plugin off, test then try the other if it wasnt that one.
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    .. -.-" a simple restart plugin is more easy :) i only got "needed" plugins ... :)
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    Well you should look into the cause of this problem. And also @bergerkiller 's NoLagg pluign can let you count the TPs and RAM and other useful features and ofc a whole bunch of anti lagg features which would massively improve your server's performance :D
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    i already got ... :) and to search about 40 plugins which is laggy ... just take over 2 month :) bc i need to check 1 by 1 every day :)
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    I don't understand how you get 2 months out of 40 plugins. You can really narrow them down by their size/influence over the server. Its a lot easier to check the plugins than to code a new one.
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    how i will check about 40 plugins, which the problems create?
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    Do a performance test every time you changed the set-up.

    - Start with no plugins.
    - Add the first half. Lag? Use the first half of that half. Lag? Use half of that half. Etc until you find the plugin
    - Not? Add the other half. Lag? Split in two like before.

    You basically go from 40 to 20 to 10 to 5 to 2 etc. This is the easiest method to find out what causes it.

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