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    Armycraft would be a way for us to make armys and use them to fight each other. First you have to make a base, where you can start your army, if it is destroyed the army is destroyed too. For you to increase population they would need more and more recources! Wood and stone at first, later iron and gold ect. To make it even more expendable, it would be nice if you could equip your soliders with armore and weapons. Also, few basic commands like "guard", "follow", "patrol area" would be incredible.

    The idea came form 1.8 comming soon, and me and some friends want to make our own nations. So we want some protection for our towns and the ability to go to war! I saw some great singleplayer mods which can do this, and I know it is fully different in smp but I would love this!

    If this is too complicated, I have another idea! Make it possible to control villagers in 1.8!

    Anyway, I realy hope to see some RTS/RPG elements ingame, cos it would add a realy unique aspect to the game!

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