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    We've already established that the original suggestion is flawed..
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    did you read this?
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    So, "decode" (decompile) the classes like he suggested.

    EDIT: Also, am I wrong in thinking that everyone already knows the IRC info?
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    CAPES!!!.... He left cross talk with capes in order to show them to the other players!!... I'm sure we can check this. if a player has a nodus cape from -----/nodus/capes/ ... nX.class of the source
    done sir done. Also I'll use a class loader use his nV.class to connect to the irc. and import this baby as a library.
            linkedlist.add("#IRC Settings");
    And stay up to date with the update link.
    ARG didn't mean to link it.

    Scetch has a wierd way of hiding things. Packet31EntityLook and ModelSpider?

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  5. DAM! Beat to it ^_^ I just came on to post my findings but you beat me. I tip my hat to you sir ^_^
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    can you give me the full path from the source please?
  7. To what?
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    To Packet31EntityLook
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    Are you stupid? We already know their IRC and everything, they even have it all on their site. sigh.
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    Hmm yeah well the IRC /who list is disabled so you're not going to be able to cycle through the thousand+ users on IRC. You could however ban based on messages sent. (Players can change their IRC names easily and most people do. Using IRC is pointless.)

    TBH banning people with Nodus without knowing their intentions is stupid since quite a few server owners use Nodus (Enjoy and donate for capes) to manage their server. I've gotten complimented a great deal of times from people who like to build with it.
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    Answer my Skype PM please :)
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    Ideally you would block only the disruptive features, but plugins have a limited capacity in this way and rely heavily on a combination of kludgy tricks to detect and repair hacks in lieu of real fixes from Mojang.

    For every compliment I bet there's a thousand unfiled complaints of server admins who have had to deal with the results of hacked clients disrupting their server. For that reason I think it's a worthy pursuit to constantly seek out new methods to deter their use.

    I don't view it as stupid, I think it's an option in the cat and mouse game worth looking into. Especially since server owners tend to be the mice.
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    Sorry I'm late to crash this thread!

    Nodus doesn't exist.
    Show Spoiler

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    I agree; the server owners are the ones getting hurt by this. There is a much higher number of people being hurt than helped by griefing clients, specifically Nodus.
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    Hello, Bukkit Players
    We can always create a plugin were you have to type @@ to move/build/walk/tp/destory/talk
    Witch Nodus uses that for a chat of IRC
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    I'm pretty sure that we've all established that Nodus has/will have some sort of separate chat and command box, correct?

    Even if that is false, in the next auto-update, the '@' feature would be changed to '^' or something.

    All of these solutions seem temporary to me. I believe that the only way we are going to completely block Nodus is to go to Scetch, the creator.
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    I have to agree but since U is there chat command we can always block it
    all we have to do is when nodus updates the plugin gotta update aswell to block it
    but players on the other hand of @@ can do spam 1 @@
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    Yes, they can use '-spam 1 @@'. This is interpreted by the client, and server gets no notification.

    When Nodus updates, there won't be a way to block the other chat. From what I've gathered, there will be two "boxes" - One to chat (like a vanilla client), and one to execute client commands. If there is a box to chat, there will be no way to detect or block users with Nodus because they'll be running all of their commands through the command "box".
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    It sucks to see minecraft server go down with Nodus all I can think of if you wanna be safe to create another craftbukkit data thing with it's on launcher and supplies bukkit plugins aswell that way it's lauch by a other type of craftbukkit witch is client dector or ect when a player wants to join they would have to get a BukkitLauncher not CraftbukkitLaucher but bukkitlauncher witch dosen't allow any clients. But the slows down the popular servers

    Otherwise we will have to send out a virus type of thing to the Nodus Creator when it updates and player uses nodus it will crash there minecraft saying Mojang has dected a Client [Warning] 100$ fine if caught. tricking the player into thinking it's a real warning and they would delete it and be oh shit I better no ever use it again

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    I agree dont get me wrong but don't most server owners frown on cheating. I mean if I made a Diablo client that allowed me to make my own items then it kind of contradicts its purpose (its no longer a game). I'll admit its a nice client for what it is but still having an option to allow it or not is better then nothing at all.
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    First I was thinking to mod something in the bukkit protocol but I dont think that really will work....

    We cant stop Nodus or any other hack client with craftbukkit or a plugin (excluding temporary stuff like this).
    The only one who can stop this is Mojang (Jeb) itself! I hope that MC 1.3 and the new mcAPI can fix much hacks and flaws that we have now. The Client and Server from MC just need a better logic, at the moment you can send any packets to server and it wont do really a thing.

    Would it be easy to bypass a MD5 for Client-Server? I think so or?
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    Alpha Omega

    look i hate to crush your dreams but nodus has updated and no longer uses "-". I would suggest you download it and take it apart and find what makes it tick. PS: I use nodus but I want to see this done too see how far anti grief gets
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    I would suggest you to read the thread before you post something...
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    I agree. That's been established dozens of times...

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    Wouldn't there be some say to "ask" the client what hes using. I don't know if this makes sense (I don't code or know anything of the matter) But couldn't you make a simple mod+plug-in in which the plug-in asks the client if he has the mod, if he doesn't have the mod he can't log-in. Would that work?
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    Well, the server can't tell the difference between a vanilla client and a hack client, unless the hack client specifically sends a message to the server (Zombe, for example).

    Unless Jeb adds a specific "thing" (I don't know Java, so I don't know what that "thing" would be) that tells the server that it's a vanilla client, it won't be possible for the server to know. Even if he did, Mojang would need to make it so that way no other hack clients could copy it, which would be... difficult.

    Sadly, in this case, currently, we cannot prevent, so we have to cure.
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    Well can't you do the same thing spout does? Like you can't get on spout servers when you set it spout options so why no a "Only vanilla minecraft"
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    But that's because Spout can detect if you're running a Spout client. A regular, non-spout server can't tell what you're running.

    I don't even think that Spout can tell if you're using a hack client or a vanilla client.
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    You have to run SpoutCraft to get on SpoutCraft only servers, so hacking is pretty much prevented that way.
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    From what I can't tell, Zombe doesn't send anything to the server. Instead, it checks the description of the server for a specific string. This is hilariously easily to bypass.

    Anyways, this is probably repetitive, but there's no realistic way to ban custom clients short of forcing your users to use Spout or another mod. The best way would be to render the modded client useless by using a NoCheat style plugin with Orebfuscator. People with modded clients would still have an advantage, but this does pretty much everything possible to minimize it.
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