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    Title : Hunger games

    Category: Fun

    What i want: A plugin that will take control of the whole game. 1 command to start the game which will then begin a countdown, add players to a list, tp players to the specified start points, clear inventories, and keep track of who is left in the game. A much more detailed list of what i want can be provided to anyone interested.

    Possible commands: /hg start - to start the game
    /hg stop - to stop the game for any reason
    /hg join - to join the game
    /hg leave - to leave the game

    Possible perms: Pretty much as above, hg.start, hg.stop etc or maybe just hg.admin and hg.player

    When i want it: Asap, but happy to wait for a good job.

    Simlar plugins: Have seen much talk of hunger games plugins but cant seem to find any, and other ppls ideas are quite similar to mine but just wouldnt work for my server. I am looking for someone to make a plugin to MY specification. although this would not stop others being able to use it.
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    Maybe this is what you are looking for... (not released yet)
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    Again this is similar. But not quite what i was hoping for. This seems to still need a setup process. i.e clearing ppls inventories, keeping track of players still playing, setting game maker etc etc. What i want is a plugin that will allow me to type 1 command and then if i wish to i can quit minecraft and have a nap :) I have a full detailed list of what would need to be done and how it would work for anyone interested.
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    Ok, I like the idea a lot, so I will do this.
    The whole server should be for the "Hunger Game", right?
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    Wait what do you need exactly? The purpose of my plugin is to make only one plugin necessary for a Hunger Games server, instead of a bunch of different combinations and Moderators online constantly.

    EDIT: Ah, okay. I read the earlier posts. MCHungerGames will do all that at some point. Developing an automated plugin like this will take a while... I wish I could get it done faster!
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    acuddlyheadcrab: So your plugin will have the option, so that the whole server is for the HungerGames?
    I love the HungerGames-Story, so if you need some help - send me a message! ;)
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    Sure, if you think it should! The idea for the plugin came when I saw people wanting to make their own Hunger Games server, but, like i've said before, it's too difficult to do without an army of staff. So I thought the community (and I) could benefit from these abstract ideas and events being condensed into as little plugins as possible!

    The reason why it's taking so long to make this plugin is because the number of ideas to keep track of can get hard to keep track of.

    I'll remember you :) If you have ideas to add, you can post them on the Bukkitdev page, the WIP thread, or you can contact other developers who could integrate plugins like Factions, economy plugins to name a few.

    tl;dr: Yes it will, and okay I will
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    Appologies for late responce i wasnt getting alerts for some reason. No i dont want a whole server set for Hunger games, i have a seperate world for that and run only a few hunger games events per day. Only this takes alot of time setting up each game. so the idea of this is just to make a very simple set up process which will add players to the game and teleport them to starting points upon start. The link provided is very similar but has more features than i think i require. I dont need Multiple arenas and could easily work it without gamemakers/tributes. Just after a very simple set up process. If you are still interested please let me know and i will provide a full detailed list of features i require.
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    Well, the extra features are for the people who want those things. For my own server it will pretty much do what you're requesting - I want mine to be simple.

    For instance, I will probably only have Arena set up, and add some of my friends as tributes, and we'd play until the winner emerges. It won't require the administrator to even think about Worlds, multiple Arenas, factions, prizes or more unless they want to configure those things.
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    You can't leave hunger games! That's ridiculous!
    And if you leave the game, you die.
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    ye the leave option is basicaly there for the reason when u type / join it will add u to the player list and give u a message warning u that your inventory will be cleared when the game begins. so the leave option is to allow them time to store any valubles or if they decide they no longer want to join. so i guess this option would need to be disabled when the game starts. if they want to quit during the game they would have to /suicide

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