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    I looked backed and I found one request similar to this.
    But their formatting was confusing and their request a bit silly.

    Well we all know how once animals have spawned in a chunk, they cannot spawn anymore?

    Im requesting a plugin that stimilates animal breeding.

    Chickens do not need to be effected as they lay eggs.

    I was thinking that animals have %30 chance every hour or something to breed with another animal of similar species to create another one next to them.

    The animals would need to be within 6 blocks of each other in order to breed and be close to each other for at least 2 minutes.

    Another option which can be enabled/disabled which allows flint to be used to forever prevent a animal from breeding.

    Also there can be a option to give animals genders.
    The genders do nothing (except maybe cows?) but require the player to get both of the genders to breed.
    You can check genders by right clicking with - Feather, Bowl, Shears(Only works on sheep when they have been shorn) string, sugar and ender pearl
    One of those items could be used to check genders.

    It would also limit breeding in the wild.

    But the genders would need to be a option as alot of people wouldnt like it.

    Also if possible make sheep grow their wool back every hour.

    And lastly theres a chicken laying eggs bug/glitch that maybe could be fixed?
    Read here

    The mobs effected would be

    Tamed/Wild wolves - The new animal would be untamed of course.
    Cows - If genders are on, the bulls dont give milk?
    Pigs - No noticeable difference
    Sheep - Also regenerates wool
    Squid - No idea how thats gonna work. Max of 6 squids in 10 block radius allowed? No gender needed?

    If you think I could improve on this suggestion feel free.
    I reserve no right to this and anyone who makes this may take all credit :)
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    Notch will be implementing some kind of breeding in the foreseeable future. He tweeted about it just recently. ^^
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    Im very aware of that, However those animals out there are scared and alone and a dying breed :\

    And Im not sure how far away 1.9 is.

    a week?
    a month?

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