[REQ] An Antigreif without MySQL use?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by budpup67, Dec 21, 2011.

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    Plugin category: Anti-Greif​
    Suggested name: SimpleGreif​
    A bit about me: I'm a Server owner who is tired of having people complain about repated greifers. I really need an Anti-Greif plugin without MySQL. i have tried adding MySQL buy it wont work for me.​
    What I want: A simple Anti-Greif plugin that does not Require MySQL. something like BigBrother or LogBlock just not requireing MySQL. it would open up alot of owners that need anti-greifs.​
    Ideas for commands: /sg here [Radius] - checks the area where you are looking/are in the radius.​
    /sg check [Username] [time] [days,hours,minutes,seconds]- checks what that player has edited in the spicified time frame​
    /sg rollback [playername] [Radius] [time] - rolls back the players editing in the spicified radius and time​
    /sg rollback [playername] - rolls back everything by that player​
    /sg afkcheck - checks who is afk (needs Essentials)​
    /sg afkcheck [time] - Checks who was AFK at a certian time (Essentials required)​

    Ideas for permissions: something simple. Ops can use it but players cant.​

    Willing to pay up to: $0 - but it would be greatly appriciated and donations would get you alot im shure​

    When I'd like it by: Anytime before 12/21/12​
    Similar plugin requests: None.​

    Devs who might be interested in this: Unknown​
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    Anything not using MySQL would be using FlatFile most likely, which would become a huge mess.
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    @Fishfish0001 There have been plugins before that are just put on and run like BigBrother for example... BigBrothers creator left sadly so now i need a new plugin
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    LogBlock or HawkEye might work, keep a look out for Gaurdian

    LB and HE are replacements for BB
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    He wanna something to use without MySQL !
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    i know, but it really isn't doable (easily) without sql, i have code that could serve as the back bone for the data saving but i don't think it would be fast enough
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    Why can't you use MySQL? Don't know how? Does your host not offer you MySQL?
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    @Mikeambrose3 I had it on but it keeps breaking and i'm tired of fixing the connection on it.
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    What do you mean it keeps breaking? If it's losing connection to MySQL then you need to get it locally on your server. Using a remote host isn't good. Are you using a hoster or do you have your own dedicated server / vps (If you don't mind me asking)?

    Also here's two plugins that don't require MySQL, but they don't have rollback feature. I'm pretty sure having a rollback feature would be hard to make using SQLite.

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    Its a rented server from http://www.Redstonehost.com and BB as far as i know didnt use MySQL but it had a rollback feature and thank you for the links ill check this out.
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    There is this plugin called Log that can help you check who destroyed that block.
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    An antigrief plugin without MySQL would be a real mess and files would probably get very big very quickly. If you can't run MySQL, try looking up tutorials on the internets.

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